A New Kind Of Brain Scan Can See Your Pain, Literally



The good news, finally, is that scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston have unveiled a new brain-scanning method that allows doctors to see chronic pain in exquisite detail for the first time. The technique, a merger of PET (posi­tron emission tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), clearly identifies that a patient is hurting, and offers a significantly better way to diagnose chronic pain. In trials, patients’ scans lit up in brain areas corresponding to where in the body they ached…

When will the test be available, how much does it cost, and will it be covered by insurance?

2 thoughts on “A New Kind Of Brain Scan Can See Your Pain, Literally

  1. and also, will it be considered legitimate enough for those chronic or acute pain patients to still get opiates? i would think even the DEA couldn’t argue with that technology, and need.

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    • The DEA and “experts” in the medical industry believe that chronic pain shouldn’t be treated with opioids, especially long-term. So, I’m not sure this test that allegedly verifies a chronic pain condition will be of much help against the drug war. But it may help to verify disability for insurance companies and Social Security.

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