I’m not sure what to think about this article… I mean, it’s great that the violence and crime has decreased so significantly in Los Angeles, but it seems like all they did was move the worst of the problems into the prison system.  Like hiding a problem instead of dealing with it.

And the article mentions crime moving from outdoors to indoors since the digital revolution… obviously, underground markets on the the internet are much safer than those operating on street corners.  Or so I’ve read.  But that doesn’t change the amount of illegal activity still happening.

The community policing sounds like a great idea, and the people who live there appear satisfied — but isn’t this just a continuation of the drug war?

I see graffiti tags around Albuquerque all the time — the captioned picture is just the latest one. And I have plenty of pictures around my apartment complex of trash being left everywhere but in the dumpster — from beer cans and broken vodka bottles to tires and old TV sets.  When I’m able, I pick up some trash myself because I just get so tired of seeing it all.

I’ve heard about gang activity in this city, and I hope the state legalizes cannabis next year… that should help.  A little, anyway.  But this city and state are some of the poorest in the country, and if you read the article about Los Angeles and its problem with gangs, you can see the same kind of problems here, today, in Albuquerque.

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