Locks on prescription bottles

A New, Simple Device Could Lower the Number Of Drug Overdoses in the State


In Illinois, they want to put locks on prescription bottles… And I have trouble opening my generic aspirin bottle.  Next, anyone who gets a prescription for pain medication will be required to buy a safe.

Unarmed black male gunned down by white Phoenix police officer — over a pill vial


“A vial containing oxycodone tablets was in Brisbon’s left pocket, police said. He was armed with painkillers.”

No safety from marketing in public bathrooms


“The Stall Mall campaign includes bar-coded coupons you can scan with a smartphone and Amazon app while you’re sitting on the toilet. Deals include $2 off Charmin Mega Rolls, Double Rolls and baby wipes; $7 off Crest 3D Whitestrips and 50 cents off Febreze. You can also buy paper towels and batteries.”

SWAT Team Kills Mentally Ill Man Who Refused Medication


“Rosendo Rodriquez barricaded himself in his Midland, Texas, home on Monday after refusing to take some medication during a visit by Midland County mental health officials… Police didn’t state what law Rodriquez had actually broken by barricading himself inside his own home and refusing to take medication.”

Florida Agrees That Satanists Must Have Equal Representation In Capitol


But Florida forbade the Satanic Temple from placing its own display in the capitol, labeling it ‘grossly offensive.’ So this year, the temple reapplied, with some additional legal backing: Americans United for the Separation of Church and State threatened to sue Florida for violating the temple’s free speech rights if the state refused to permit its display.”

Needless to say, Florida blinked, and the Satanic Temple’s display (described as “an angel falling into a pit of fire”) will take its place under the rotunda December 22-29. Horns up for the First Amendment.