Arizona county mulls not hiring smokers

Does that include not hiring veterans who smoke?

“The policy states prospective workers would need a doctor’s note or a drug test to prove they have been tobacco or nicotine free for a year. Nonsmokers who prove to be nicotine free will be eligible for a $5 health-care discount every pay period. But tobacco users will be tasked with paying 30 percent more for their health care premium each paycheck. The policy would also apply to electronic cigarettes but not nicotine gum or patches, Huckelberry said.”

New Mexico sues nursing home chain on care, staff

The Medical Cannabis Program in New Mexico covers hospice patients, which I would think is a perfect opportunity for the Producer’s Guild to not only introduce nursing home patients to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, but to visit, see, and report on any problems in these nursing homes. (Just sayin’.)