Mental vs. physical pain

Under comments:

Realist says: “Pain”, just another crutch for underlying psychiatric disease and addiction problems

BL says:  mark maginn, it is evident that Realist has problems that they aren’t aware of, let alone seeking treatment for. Those who suffer from chronic severe pain, know what their physical problems are that cause that pain.

I don’t like it when pain patients blame those that suffer from addiction for the problems we face today.  And I don’t like it when those with physical pain look down on those with mental pain, as BL appears to do in this comment.

Pain patients with physical pain that can be “proven” with x-rays, MRIs, and other expensive tests, for some reason think that people who don’t have and/or can’t afford those allegedly objective tests aren’t in pain.  You know, because they don’t have “proof.”

Or maybe they think that “mental” pain is “all in your head,” while physical pain is somehow more “real.”  It’s funny, because chronic pain usually means suffering from both physical and mental pain, regardless of the underlying medical condition.  And, of course, I’m of the opinion that pain begins and ends in the brain, so it’s actually all “mental” anyway.

Everyone knows there is no such thing as objective proof of pain.  Pain cannot be measured by current technology, and even if it could, I’m not sure our perception of pain is something that can even be measured.

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