How many pain patients have given up? “Vermont, and the rest of America, will not get a handle on the opiate and heroin addiction crisis until we confront head-on the source of the problem: FDA-approved opiates that are handed out like candy,” Gov. Peter Shumlin said in a statement… The $11 billion a year opiate industry in America knows no shame,”…Read more How many pain patients have given up?

The Peace-Be-With-You Superpower

Even though I have an award-free blog, sometimes a friend will challenge me anyway. And on the few times that I’ve answered a challenge, I’m notorious for not following the rules. Some things never change. 🙂 Lisa wants to know:  Which or what super power would you want and why? I don’t think humans were…Read more The Peace-Be-With-You Superpower

What the empowerment of women looks like

This awesome art is about the empowerment of women: This woman and her fellow governors are taking away other women’s right to choose, stripping all women under their command of their own power. A legal right, decided decades ago. CHARLESTON, South Carolina (Reuters) – South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on Wednesday signed into law a bill…Read more What the empowerment of women looks like

Winter Sucks, But Close Up Photos Of Snowflakes Will Blow You Away They say no two snowflakes are alike, and Buffalo photographer Douglas Levere wants to prove that each is exquisite in its own way. With a son on the way, in 2006, Levere was looking for a way to decorate the child’s nursery. He stumbled upon Kenneth G. Libbrecht’s zoomed-in photos of snowflakes and was inspired…

Not looking forward to the Cosby trial

Are you prepared for next year, when Bill Cosby will be put on trial? Are you prepared for Cosby News 24/7? I suppose it will be just like these famous trials: Well, this is our justice system — a day late and a dollar short (an obvious understatement). I know Mr. Cosby is innocent…Read more Not looking forward to the Cosby trial

Reese’s Christmas ‘Tree’ Peanut Butter Cups Are A Massive Failure Social media is abuzz with horrified and disappointed consumers who purchased a holiday version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups advertised as being shaped like Christmas trees, rather than the traditional disc. But a tree shape is not what they found… Under comments: Penny Dunn They look exactly like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs they…Read more Reese’s Christmas ‘Tree’ Peanut Butter Cups Are A Massive Failure

Oh Look, A Dandelion The journey towards more sustainable rubber leads to Russian dandelions Heads-up, chocoholics: December 2-13, Valencia Street’s Dandelion Chocolate will once again host their annual no-holds-barred chocolate extravaganza, the Twelve Nights of Chocolate. This will be the third year that Dandelion has partnered with with local chefs and bartenders to create a range of special…Read more Oh Look, A Dandelion

Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking a Cup of Coffee Maybe you’re a coffee-shop junkie or a cold-brew devotee. Or maybe you prefer to keep it old school with a trusty drip coffeemaker. However you consume it, if you’re among the 59 percent of Americans who drink coffee, that java buzz after downing a cup is probably familiar to you. But chances are, you…Read more Your Body Within an Hour of Drinking a Cup of Coffee

“I am fed up!” (1 day ago) Someone from Newport News, VA writes:  … CVS now has a rule that pain meds cannot be picked up at night even though they are 24 hours. I was told it was for their protection but they can’t tell me what from… rocko g. from Cleveland, OH writes:  my son been on…Read more “I am fed up!”