Open Letter to the NM DOH (May 2014)

VIA EMAIL (and posted at in May 2014) Open Letter to the Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program 1190 St. Francis Dr., Suite S-3400 Santa Fe, NM 87505 I am a current member of the Medical Cannabis Program and a 25-year intractable pain patient, having moved from Texas to New Mexico for the…Read more Open Letter to the NM DOH (May 2014)

The Inauguration of a Dictator With a Heart of Stone

WASHINGTON, DC (APP) — For the first time in America’s history, inauguration day brought rain — cold rain, sleet, and snow flurries, to be exact. It was like the dark, stormy sky was a giant mirror reflecting the grief of millions, if not billions, of people. As reported by Seth Meyers, the sun was just…Read more The Inauguration of a Dictator With a Heart of Stone

Go ahead, screw me over

Thu, Feb 25, 2016 8:39 pm Re: Letter dated 2/25/2016 From: To:, Cc:,,,, Dear Ms. Buchman: I am in receipt of your letter dated 2/25/2016, regarding my request for an extension of the Notice to Vacate. Funny, even at this late date, you have refused to cite…Read more Go ahead, screw me over

For some, opioids are necessary Re: “Stopping the epidemic of opioid addiction,” July 15 guest commentary. Opioids are a valuable tool for treating legitimate pain issues. But the actions of state and federal governments concerning opioid abuse are adversely affecting the ability of people with chronic pain to get the medicine they need. In conversations with my chronic pain…Read more For some, opioids are necessary

Dreaming For Tomorrow

I admit, I’m not crazy about piano music.  Music without words seems almost empty to me.  But the piano piece within this post is so… haunting.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I encourage you to go listen, to feel the sadness, to experience the beauty. Now, the reason why I am posting this…Read more Dreaming For Tomorrow

It appears that Express Scripts really sucks Tonight I heard from Rachel bat Avraham,* a courageous Express Scripts employee who’s been following my Express Scripts saga here: I would advise any of you out there who are fed up with Express Scripts to continue to hound the media and turn it into a public affair, because I promise you, the…Read more It appears that Express Scripts really sucks

From Senator Dede Feldman’s Blog (2012) Don’t be afraid to have heroes. I know it sounds corny.  And  look for them in unexpected places… outside the movie theater or the sports field.  I found one, unexpectedly at my doorstep two years ago.  Her name is Jennifer Weiss, and she brought a group of parents to visit with me about the…Read more From Senator Dede Feldman’s Blog (2012)