What do I see? Take a walk with me…

I see weeds.


Hello, Mr. Bee. (Even bees love weed.)

02DSC03261 (2)

03DSC03259 (2)

I see you, bug. (Have you missed my balls?)

04DSC03245 (3)

And I see my feet.

05DSC03421 (2)

At the grocery story, I saw this poor bird, apparently grieving. She just waited there, as if she expected her friend to rise from the dead.


06DSC03527 (2)


07DSC03951 (2)

Not a very peaceful message.

08DSC02202 (2)

But see, love and peace are not dead.

09DSC03237 (2)

10DSC03316 (2)

11DSC04228 (2)

I know I’m not the only one suffering.

12DSC05163 (4)

13DSC03940 (3)

“Everywhere I go I’m putting on.”

13DSC04210 (2)

April storms.


Look, the aliens have landed again!


DSC04932 (2)


But the sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow, there’ll be sun…




It’s a stormy start to May here in the Q. It’s making my head hurt. But come next week, it’s supposed to be about 20 degrees warmer. Enjoy your Sunday.

Free Weed

Stupid weed, wouldn’t let me get a good picture of it.


Many different angles, and dozens of photos later, I gave up. (Stupid weed.)


See, this is just a weed — it has no rights and nobody’s trying to protect it. So, it was easy for me to pluck that sucker and take it home. (And it was free.) (FYI, don’t pick wild bluebonnets in Texas — it’s against the law.)


I know she looks different, but it was a bumpy ride home. (Ducks were involved.)

02DSC04349 (2)

And it appears she doesn’t like my tap water.

03DSC04354 (2)

04DSC04357 (4)



DSC04348 (2)

After modeling for me, Ms. Free Weed’s final resting place was in my trash bin. (Dude, it was good while it lasted. Sorry I killed you.)

Taking Out The Trash

On Saturday, when I left to take my trash to the bin, I was greeted by some great clouds.


This one’s an airplane taking off.


I don’t know about you, but I see an eagle taking flight.

03DSC02081.0 (2)


05DSC02084 (2)

I took a moment to take a selfie in the sunset.

06DSC02098 (2)

And then another…

07DSC02085 (3)

And now I’m beginning to think I take too many selfies. 🙂

08DSC02088 (3)


News Flash:  If you’re unable to find the trash can, you shouldn’t be taking care of a dog.

DSC02107 (3)

The apartment complex hasn’t turned on the sprinklers yet this season, so my yellow flowers are looking a little forlorn.

DSC02111 (5)

But they look great in black and white.

DSC02111 (3)

It’s been a really long weekend. (Heck, it’s been a really long month.) On Friday, the dude who promised to help me move decided to be an asshole and backed out. Thankfully, I just found a replacement, so let’s hope this one works out. (C’mon, don’t be lazy, cross your fingers and toes for me, won’t you?)

(Photos taken 3/26/2016.)

Captured and Interviewed by Aliens

Saturday Evening Interview 3-19-16

They arrived on a ship that suspiciously looked like a jet.

12DSC01830 (2)

This whole time, I thought they were trees, when they were actually interstellar beings.

01DSC01831.0 (2)

02DSC01852.0 (2)

Their ship arrived, almost on top of me.

03DSC01840.0 (2)

What I’m trying to tell you is, the alien ship was shaped like a tree.

DSC01846.0 (2)

And the ship looked just like the aliens.

04DSC01843 (2)

05DSC01835.0 (2)

The aliens tried to seduce me with blooming flowers…

05DSC01791 (3)

06DSC01817 (3)

07DSC01821 (3)

Then they tried to hypnotize me with beautiful colors…


I soon found out that the aliens knew about my obsession with balls — when they couldn’t hypnotize me with flowers and colors, they brought out the moon.

09DSC01849 (2)

10DSC01848 (2)

11DSC01849 (5)

Look at the moon, they chimed in unison. Answer all of our questions and we’ll let you go, they said.


I was tired, so I just gave in.

15DSC01820 (2)

I answered all of their questions truthfully, except for one…

16DSC01820 (5)

The aliens are like, why do you crop so much?

17DSC01820 (4)

I just told them it was because I don’t have the best eyesight. That’s kinda true, but not really. 🙂

18DSC01822 (4)

19DSC01830 (4)

That’s what happened. Lisa was there. She’ll tell you. The aliens made me do it. 🙂

(Photos taken this week.)

What Do I See? Take a walk with me…


I see a cool motorcycle.


And a weeping willow (at one of the apartment complexes I visited).

02DSC01564 (3)

As always, I see trash.

DSC01668.0 (2)

I miss gum, especially watermelon bubble gum.

DSC01668 (2)

I miss nuts, too, mainly cashews.

DSC01759 (2)

I see that one of my neighbors cares about pet odors in her apartment, but not about a trash-free environment.

DSC01684 (2)

I see more neglect.


I see things that have been discarded and I wonder why.

DSC01763 (2)


Seriously, WTF? What is it, a roast? I’m like, what could have happened? Why did this huge chunk of uncooked meat end up in my path? What is the universe trying to tell me?

DSC01624 (2)

I see McDonald’s is still as popular as ever. (Photos taken on the same day.)



DSC01769 (2)

Between a rock and a hard place.


My figurative selfie.

DSC01725 (2)

My literal selfie. (Still having to wear a hat to cover up a really bad haircut.)


Here I am photographing my obsession with my neighbors’ trash.


DSC01696 (2)

Seriously, dirty diapers?

DSC01762 (3)

In case  you can’t see, this is a rug in a tree.

DSC01698.0 (2)

It’s official:  My neighbors have really bad taste.



Caffeine, come join the party!

DSC01743 (2)

How sweet, a Caffeinated Couple.

DSC01736 (2)

Graffiti here, graffiti there, graffiti everywhere.


DSC01681 (2)

Pretty colors… I wonder how many people choose a brand by the colors?

DSC01772 (2)

Not sure the fire extinguishers work, except as an ashtray.

DSC01723 (2)

New Mexico’s state symbol should be the tumbleweed.


I’m like, somebody misspelled “retornable.” (Turns out, it’s Spanish.)

DSC01754 (2)

Hey, Francisco, if you’re reading this, when are you coming back?

DSC01770 (2)

During this walk, I saw these notices on every door (most of which will end up on the ground as trash):


Think about it: The apartment complex hired some young dude to tape this notice to every tenant’s door. (Ran into him, he seemed nice.) This underpaid dude sees all this trash and all these broken rules, but that’s not his problem. I would be shocked if any tenant had ever received a fine.


Eviction Update:

When I went back to my first choice for a new apartment, I was told they had nothing available. I thought, couldn’t you have told me that when I visited the first time?

So, I put in an application for a different apartment on Wednesday, but no approval yet. I don’t know why it’s taking so long, as I was told the approval process would only take a day. I’m worried about what my current landlord will say. I’m worried about… a lot of things…

And now I have to go out again tomorrow (I mean, today) and find another apartment… and soon we’ll have a President Drumpf…

Life sucks, said the crow.

Don’t Forget to Look Up


I checked on the rose bushes yesterday:

DSC01707 (2)

DSC01706 (2)

Above the rose bushes lives my old pal, Fido:

DSC01703 (2)

DSC01705 (2)

DSC01708 (3)

DSC01708 (2)

While other dogs make a fuss when I walk by taking pictures, Fido is quiet and never growls or barks at me. Unfortunately, in front of the rose bushes is a popular spot for the doggies to potty, making it like a minefield to traverse. (I was tempted to include a photo of dog poop with this post, but I’m happy to report that I was able to refrain… almost.)

DSC08208 (2)

December 2015



November 2015



What Do I See?

I see that the squirrels are back.

01DSC01396 (2)

I see that someone misses the snow, just like me.

02DSC01052 (2)

I see that my neighbors like to have a good time…


But have questionable tastes.

03DSC00898 (2)

I see what looks like a vapor trail from an alien ship.


I see the sunrise from the gas station.


I see a disabled symbol that doesn’t fit me, as I’m not in a wheelchair.

21DSC06467 (3)

I see neglect.





I’m not sure what I’m seeing here, but it could be one of the aliens.

12DSC05801 (2)



I see that Verbal gets around.


I see a hole that I complained about, yet it still remains. (Reminds me of how I once broke my foot.)


“Hello from the outside.”  Adele

17DSC01079 (3)

This is what I saw in my front yard this morning.

18DSC01426 (3)

I found this questionable work of art in the field across from my apartments.


It’s Pot Art. 🙂

20DSC01335 (2)

And wonders of all wonders, they’ve invented a self-cleaning toilet:


Of course, this cleaning method won’t remove hard water and mineral stains, just germs.

At this point, you should be glad that I haven’t included any photos of dog poop.

22DSC08031 (3)

In other words, it could have been worse.

23DSC07569 (3)

Last, but not least, do you remember these from summer of last year?

DSC02040 (2)

Don’t ask me where the eyeball in the featured photo came from. (What, like a stressed-out teddy bear?) And if you know, don’t tell me — let it remain a mystery.