How do you feel about spanking?

Studies have shown that spanking basically doesn’t work: It can not only impair a child’s IQ and their overall ability to learn, but it can also lead to low self esteem, aggressive behaviors and substance abuse and addiction problems in later years.

According to a June 2016 study that appeared in the Journal of Family Psychology, more than five decades of research revealed that children who were spanked were more likely to encounter mental health and cognitive difficulties and obstacles, become anti-social and introverted, and were more likely to defy their parents.

Reports have revealed that, since 1986, the practice of spanking children has decreased among women. However, parents across the U.S. say they still approve of spanking as a form of discipline…

I’m very thankful that spanking was not a part of my upbringing. If you hit a stranger, it’s considered criminal battery. Why not the same for your own child? What can a child learn when violence is used as a reinforcement? Spanking is about bullying, not about teaching. It’s about who has the most power in a parent/child relationship.

Don’t hit your kids. Don’t hit your pets. Spanking is not an educational tool. It creates anger and resentment, and just makes the victim want to hit you back. And if they can’t hit you back, they’ll take it out on someone else.

The Collapse of the Health Care Insurance Industry

WASHINGTON, DC (Rueters) — In December, 2016, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that more than 11 million people had purchased private health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act exchanges. Now, three plus years after President Trump took office, Kaiser is reporting that 30 million people have lost their insurance. What happened?

One of the first moves of the Republican Congress was to get rid of the ACA requirement that insurers provide certain benefits such as mental-health services and maternity care, saying those requirements drove up premiums.

Since the crash of the health care insurance industry, premiums are no longer a problem.

Studies have shown that since the ACA was gutted by a male president and mostly-male congress, women have suffered the most from its loss. There’s been a sharp increase in abortions, and the U.S. — already one of the international leaders in infant mortality — is now number one on that list.

There’s been an increase in deaths from certain types of cancer that mostly affect women, like breast and uterine cancer. By the time women seek treatment, it’s already too late. Planned Parenthood has been made to close an alarmingly large amount of clinics, both before and after Trump took office. The corresponding explosion of sexually-transmitted diseases, including AIDS, is unsurprising and was expected by most experts.

Mental health clinics, already poorly funded, have also been closing left and right since Trump’s inauguration. The suicide rate has mostly increased every year, but since 2017, it has skyrocketed, finally forcing the CDC to consider suicide as a threat to public health. Rates for depression, addiction, and crime have also increased. After 8 years of an unemployment rate that only went down, it started creeping back up again in the early part of 2018, and is still increasing.

Another idea supported by the Republican Congress was health savings accounts, but it didn’t take long for HSAs to fall out of favor after China Bank & Trust was found guilty of bankrupting around a million of these accounts held by Americans. The Russian Gold Bank was found to have only bankrupted about 1,000 American health savings accounts. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau discovered these criminal actions before Republicans closed it down, the information only coming to light this year through anonymous internet sources.

Almost everyone (with the exception of state insurance commissioners) thought that selling health care insurance across state lines would be beneficial to consumers, but a recent study by Harvard University showed that the majority of consumers were actually harmed by the proliferation of fly-by-night insurance companies created by this new market. Customers often bought insurance from companies that only existed on the internet, and many people were dumped as soon as they filed a claim.

The health care insurance industry was able to withstand these changes, only falling apart in 2018 after Republicans cut the taxes which funded the ACA. Doctors began to only accept insurance from well-known companies, leaving millions of people unable to find a doctor, even with insurance. Then the largest corporations stopped selling health care insurance altogether.

After the collapse of the health care insurance industry in early 2019, medical costs have started to decline. When it’s too expensive to go to the doctor, you just don’t go. Doctors are now advertising on Craig’s List and Tinder, many offering free introductory visits. After a slew of busy years for hospitals and mergers, three years after Trump became President, there are now 40% fewer hospitals in the U.S.

After President Trump ended the drug war last month, experts have predicted a similar collapse of the medical industry. Only time will tell.

Homophobics are scaredy-cats

I don’t know why people make such a big deal about gender. What does it matter? Seems like it would only matter if you were afraid of being gay. Dude, if you’re afraid of being gay, get over it. We’re not living in the Stone Age anymore — it’s about to be 2017, thank goodness.

Transgender at 8? No, I don’t think so maybe his parents are idiots, I’d bet on that and win…

And what if the girl wants to be a pony tomorrow? Will they try to put her in a stable?

I remember the day when you could tell if your a boy or girl by whats between your legs now they say its whats between your ears that identifies that. What a mad world it has become

Yahoo Reader
Nothing keeping the LGBT from starting their own scouts. They won’t because they can only feel validated by intruding where they aren’t welcome… into straight society. Boycott the LGBT and boycott any of their supporters, then the insanity will end.

Mentally ill child. Arrest the parents, they are unfit to raise a child.

I think it’s funny that last names are hard to find in the comment sections on Yahoo News, let alone real names. And that the vast majority of them appear to be male. Hey, you men, what are you gonna do about this? This is your tribe. Women have already tried to explain this stuff and we’re really tired of repeating ourselves.

Yes, that’s right, I read through conservative comment sections so you won’t have to. I’m trying to find similarities between conservatives and liberals, but these people are freaky. Like, irrational. In fact, I think most of them may be Russian. ­čÖé

Whether you hail from Surbiton, Ulan Bator or Nairobi, your genetic make-up is strikingly similar to that of every other person on Earth, an analysis concludes today. Although scientists have long recognised that, despite physical differences, all human populations are genetically similar, the new work concludes that populations from different parts of the world share even more genetic similarities than previously assumed. All humans are 99.9 per cent identical…

Dear White People

Imagine calling for help for your 7-year-old son and ending up in the back of a squad car. That’s what happened to a Fort Worth, Texas, mom when she called the police to seek justice for her son, who had allegedly been choked by an older white man after he littered, The Root reported…

This video is shocking. As a white person, I can’t imagine being treated like this by the police. As the mother of a white son, I can’t imagine a neighbor or stranger trying to choke my son because he littered. I think white people have a lot to learn about how people of color are treated in our society.

FedEx Scam

From: (FedEx Station Management)
Re: FedEx parcel #0000314934 delivery problem

Dear Customer,

Your item has arrived at December 07, but our courier was not able to deliver the parcel.

Please check the attachment for details!

Thank you for making business with us,
Danny Rosen,
Station Agent.

Maybe if you live on Mars and have never had a delivery from Federal Express, you might be tempted to click on the attachment. However, 98% of people do know how FedEx operates, so either the scammers are getting dumber, or they just don’t care anymore.

Happy Holidays, Mr. Russian Scammer. May you get a better job in the new year. ­čÖé

What about me?


And now, Trump has persuaded Carrier to keep at least half of the 2,000 jobs it planned to outsource in Indiana, a remarkable instance of federal arm-twisting aimed at a single corporation…

Everyone’s talking about how Trump saved 1,000 jobs, yet no one wants to mention the other 1,000 jobs that are going to be outsourced. So, if your friend gets to keep her job and you don’t, how are you going to feel, and vice versa? Wow, thanks for saving my friend’s job, but what about me?


Go have a beer, friend. Looks like 2017 is going to suck for you, too.


Things cost more, but my Social Security Disability check has either stayed the same, or like this year, is going to actually be less.