The Color of Debt: How Collection Suits Squeeze Black Neighborhoods

In Dora Byrd’s case, MSD went after her bank account. She’d been living primarily off of a monthly $600 Social Security check. It’s illegal for federal benefits to be garnished, but at the time, she had both a checking and a savings account, and only the money electronically deposited into her checking account was automatically protected. As a result, MSD was able to seize $645 from her savings account, more than a third of the money in her accounts, according to bank records…

Even if Turner had appeared, it’s unclear that it would have done her any good. With an attorney, however, she might have gotten the case dismissed. That’s because the statute of limitations on Turner’s loan under Missouri law was four years, a period that had long expired by 2013…

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So, debt buyers don’t know the race of their customers? Can’t ascertain race by any of the information in the file? Like where they live? Or from a credit report? These places don’t use data brokers? Well, when you work for debt buyers, I guess lying just comes naturally. And shame never enters into it.

It should be illegal to file a lawsuit after the statute of limitations has passed. None of the lawyers who I’ve worked for would do that — it’s unethical and should be considered malpractice. Where is the State Bar? I guess State Bars don’t want to lose any of their membership fees. And I guess there are plenty of lawyers who don’t know what shame is either.

The lawyers that work for these creditors know that the debtors don’t have the legal know-how to defend themselves. Easy pickings. Of course, everyone knows that the legal system only benefits the rich, while screwing the poor. When my long term disability insurance company (Unum) terminated my benefits after 7 years, I needed an ERISA lawyer, but it’s not like I’ll ever have access to one.

Perhaps corporations (and universities, etc.) should divest from these types of creditors, just like they’re divesting from the oil and gas industry. Or maybe that would be impossible, seeing how most of these creditors are funded by Big Banks.

Disband The DEA

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It made sense to legalize and regulate alcohol, so we did that. It makes sense to do the same for cannabis, so we’re going to do that too. “Hard” drugs like heroin and meth are actually legally available in regulated formulations through Big Pharma, so why discriminate against them?

Drugs are drugs, including caffeine, nicotine, and sugar. An end to the drug war includes legalizing and regulating all drugs, as these are medical issues, not criminal ones. Drug users end up being criminalized, including those who suffer from addiction, and everyone knows that’s not right. Imprisoning those who suffer from mental health issues isn’t right. How can anyone disagree with that?

And giving the FDA more power is not the answer. The FDA brought us drugs like antidepressants and Vioxx. The agency removes drugs like Pallodone from the market, when methadone has the exact same problems:

“high levels of palladone could slow or stop breathing, or cause coma or death; combining the drug with alcohol use could lead to rapid release of hydromorphone, in turn leading to potentially fatally high levels of drugs in the system”

And because methadone is cheap, it’s prescribed to Medicaid patients, some of whom have died of overdoses. And then those deaths are blamed on “opioids,” and now there’s a war against chronic pain patients.

The only answer is: No. More. Drug. War.

When blogs refuse to moderate comments


I’ve never heard of Fentany — do you mean Fentanyl?

If you had gone to the doctor because you are suffering from chronic pain, and you have been prescribed something called morphine, fentany or methadone, these are opioids that are derived from poppy seeds that are very addicting and also very powerful painkillers. Many people will use them illegally simply because they give you a high that makes it possible for you to experience euphoria and pain relief at the same time.

Most chronic pain patients don’t experience euphoria with pain medications — the euphoria you speak of is felt by those who take these drugs but are not in pain.  Chronic pain sucks up every bit of that side effect, especially after a short adjustment time. Most chronic pain patients only get a small percentage of relief when taking pain medications, and very few experience enough pain relief to feel euphoria.

Opioids and morphine derivatives are one of the most addicting substances on the planet, and here’s how you can end your addiction right away.

Sounds like you’re only trying to spread fear, not information.  Trying to convince people not to use pain medications, no matter how much pain they’re in, preferring that people just suffer.

Opioids And Morphine Derivatives

The reason that these products are so incredibly addicting is because they affect a certain area connected to your central nervous system which are called your mu receptors. These are derived from poppyseed which can create a number of different products including codeine, Norco, Vicodin, Percocet, and many other drugs that are extremely popular on the street today. You can get prescriptions for them if you legitimately are experiencing chronic pain on a regular basis.

Actually, no, there’s a war against pain patients going on right now, and many can’t even find doctors to treat them, let alone prescribe pain medications.  Then many patients have the problem of finding a pharmacy that will fill prescriptions for many of the drugs used to treat chronic pain (except antidepressants, of course). Your post was written in January 2015 — what, don’t ya’ll read the news?

They will also be given to people that I’ve gone through severe surgery, one that can lead to very painful recovery times.

Ya’ll obviously need a proofreader for your blog.  Hey, is this blog a front for the DEA? They are notoriously bad spellers, although sometimes they do it on purpose in an attempt to fool gullible readers.

Treatments For Opiate Addictions

There is no easy way to get over an opiate addiction if you have been taking these drugs for several years.

Addiction or dependence?  Which one are you talking about?  Do you even know the difference between the two?  

No, withdrawal isn’t easy, but then living with constant pain isn’t actually a cake walk either.

Even if you have only have them for a couple months, the withdrawals will be tremendous. Shaking, vomiting, and an uncontrollable desire to get more of them into your system is going to plague you for several weeks until you can get through the withdrawals, allowing you to reset your mu receptors so that you won’t have to read them in your system anymore which is the goal of all those that are addicted.

painkills2 on April 23, 2015 at 8:47 am said:
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Actually, cigarettes and alcohol are more addicting than opioids. And if you’re going to mention chronic pain and opioid use, then perhaps you should include the fact that dependence is different than addiction. Also, after only a couple of months of use, the withdrawal from opioids will not be “tremendous” for most people, especially if you wean yourself off of them, a little at a time.

And I’ll just add this to my comment:  The title of your post doesn’t reflect what’s in the body of it. “How to stop them right away” — there isn’t even an attempt to answer this question.  Is that because it involves maintenance drugs like methadone and buprenorphine, which your blog is likely against?

Hey, is this blog a front for the NIDA?

There is no useful information on your blog, getwellcoaching.  Please stop following mine, as I don’t want my blog connected to yours in any way.

Selective Censorship on Facebook

Today God’s main account was suspended for 30 days because of the post where someone called God a homophobic slur and I said Jesus didn’t like that.

Annabella Veenstra:  I’ve reported really racist, nasty, and threatening posts (these range from someone posting a nude/promoting a porn site, to racist posts, to the most recent one where someone said all Homosexual people should be shot point blank) in the past (on this page and beyond it) and yet Facebook doesn’t do jack shit about it. Although there have been times like, months later where they decide to revise their decision and remove the post. (But that’s usually for the porn posts).  However, it seems that any post that could mildly irritate a religious person they will immediately remove the comment/suspend the person…

Elsie Hill:  Please vote to verify God’s facebook page so there is less chance this will happen again!

Rachel Morales: That’s funny because I have reported pages for having graphic pictures of carnage and death and Facebook has emailed me saying “It wasn’t against their terms and policies so the account won’t be suspended.” What the actual fuck?

Nicole Schafroth:  I reported some guy for showing children hanged from a noose but the almighty FB thought that was not offensive.

Ann Goggins:  I told someone that they “appeared a tad unhinged” and I got shut down for 48 hours. True story. And totally ridiculous too. And no, they didn’t bother to check all the bat shit insane stuff the person had been posting prior. They don’t care. Apparently they will believe anything from anyone unless there is a serious threat. Then they ignore it.

Missy Ky’a:  Right. Like the page dedicated to convincing people that Autism and mental illness is not real. I reported them and they did nothing.

Nola Moore LosKamp:  I reported a page telling you to burn witches at the stake and pages telling you to give your kid bleach enemas and they say it does not violate there standards. But I post a literal photo of jesus fucking Christ and my page gets suspended for 12 hours.

Cherisa Masters:  They definitely don’t research it. My friend had some guy comment how he was going to hunt her down and [enter horrible things] to her. She reported it. And she just got some generic email an hour later saying what was said wasn’t threatening Her and people are allowed to share their opinion. Mer.

Urgent Medical Marijuana Call To Action By Compassionate Oregon

Joaquin Ojeda • 15 hours ago
OMMP patients, growers, caregivers, and dispensary operators do not support any change to the program. Do not support SB 936 or HB 3400. Go to the hearing on March 30th at 900 court st. Salem, OR 4pm. Don’t let government strong arm and try to monopolize safe and healthy medication.

Keith Mansur • an hour ago
Unfortunately, Its being blocked on FACEBOOK!!! We need folks to cut and paste the text into their facebook pages!

Facebook “clarifies” its policies without “changing” them, again

Facebook’s claim to “always” allow such photos might come as a surprise to the countless women who were banned for posting photos of themselves breastfeeding children…

Facebook says that “we continue to see an increase in government requests for data and content restrictions.” The United States topped the list, with “United States Law Enforcement” making 14,274 requests for information on 21,731 accounts; Facebook agreed to turn over the information in 79.14% percent of these cases…

Why A Film About A Fatal Gang Rape In India Is Drawing So Much Controversy

The Indian government threatened on Thursday to take action against the BBC for airing “India’s Daughter,” a documentary by Leslee Udwin about the rape and death of a 23-year-old woman on a New Delhi bus in 2012…

Anu Aga, a member of the Indian Parliament, said that the country “has to confront the issue that many men in India do not respect women,” according to The Guardian. “What the man [Mukesh Singh] spoke reflects the views of many men in India,” she said. “Why are we shying away from that? Let’s be aware of the view and not pretend all is well.” …

Google to censor adult content

As Emma Wollacott noted in Forbes, “Many of the blogs currently labelled “adult” have had that tag slapped on them by Google itself – and the blog owners don’t necessarily agree. Affected blogs have included those covering LGBT issues and sex education, for example.”

For those who’d rather migrate to a blog on a different platform with more liberal policies (such as WordPress or Tumblr), Google provided a link to a page providing instructions on how to archive or export your posts and other content…

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join this Exciting Group:

Changing the World when you are Chronically Ill, Disabled, or Homebound

Sorry, I’m not on Facebook; and since they have a reputation for censoring content, I don’t wish to join.  However, it would be nice if I could view this Facebook page without having to join FB.