An Awesome Woman in Barcelona _who_became_mayor_of_barcelona_20150605 Longtime anti-eviction activist Ada Colau recently became the first female mayor of Barcelona, Spain. She has vowed to fine banks, stop evictions, expand public housing, improve wages, force utility companies to lower their prices and slash the mayoral salary. She has called bankers “criminals” and garnered support from the leftist Podemos party, which…Read more An Awesome Woman in Barcelona

Another Awesome Woman The perennially angry and oh-so homophobic Westboro Baptist Church attempted to troll JK Rowling on Tuesday evening and failed on a multitude of levels.  It all started with this story… JK Rowling wants Dumbledore & Gandalf to marry in Ireland! Things immediately got a bit weird when the WBC threatened to picket the imagined…Read more Another Awesome Woman

Another Awesome Woman Joan Cheever, a San Antonio woman, accused police of infringing on her religious liberty after authorities issued her a citation Tuesday for feeding the homeless. She may now face a penalty of up to $2,000. “I have a legal right to do this,” Cheever told police officer Mike Marrota, Texas Public Radio reported. When…Read more Another Awesome Woman