I’m sad that I couldn’t be a part of the women’s march today, but thanks to the internet, I can still participate. As reported by Bloomberg, “The march is expected to be the largest grassroots inauguration-related protest in U.S. history.” These are some of my favorite photos (found at the links below):











Inauguration Of Donald Trump As 45th President Of The United States

Women's March in Berlin








The website’s transformation, from former-President Barack Obama’s administration to Trump’s administration demonstrated the stark differences between the two.

The website went from offering 27 topics under the “issues” tabs to just six: energy, foreign policy, jobs, military, law enforcement and trade deals.

While the Obama administration’s White House page offered “criminal justice reform,” Trump’s offered “standing up for our law enforcement community.”

While Obama’s White House website included “climate change,” Trump’s offered an “America first energy plan.”

Where there was “women,” there is now nothing.

JD Davids
on Friday
National HIV/AIDS Strategy already removed from White House website.

Hugh Merwin βœ” @hughmerwin
‘Disabilities’ isn’t accessible anymore at http://whitehouse.gov , and is no longer listed under ‘Issues.’

15 thoughts on “#WeAreTheStorm

  1. I really, really hate this “Make America Great Again” bullshit. what makes anyone think we weren’t great? my youngest participated here and she said it was an awesome experience.

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  2. “Dump Tramp” March him and his questionable admin out of the White House! We can do this!!! We will. We shall!!! “Dump Tramp!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  3. I never dreamed how wonderful the marches would turnout. Here in LA, my husband and I tried to get downtown via mass transit, as was suggested. It was a nightmare and we had to give up and go home. Makes me mad I couldn’t be a part of it, but was inspired by it all. Today showed America is already great.

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  4. My sister, who is also chronically ill, actually made it out to DC with her friend, and they said it was an incredible experience. No one was acting stupidly (except for 6 counter-protesters, who were surrounded by cops, so no one could actually tell what their beef was). Her favorite part was when all of the protesters laid their signs up against the fence. All of the cops were smiling. Zero arrests. Two of my friends also made it to DC and had similar positive stories. Also, my sister said that the staff at her hotel had trained for the inauguration and it had been a total snooze fest, but when the protesters arrived, the staff was totally ready for them and everything went smoothly! Lastly, my friends in England have requested pussy hats, so they are on their way to me so I can send them over the pond. They need protection over there from The Great Pumpkin too.


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