#signsfrom #womensmarch


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Rose McMillan

Paige Harriott · Delivery Driver at Domino’s Pizza
I just saw a sign that reads “Melania if you need help blink twice.” 😅😅😅 I lost it!!

Caitlin McGurk Gardner · Physical Therapist (PT) at CPRS Physical Therapy
“Trump’s so vain, he probly thinks this March is about him…”

Melissa Ayres · Architect at U.S. Forest Service
A poster w Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia that says, “A woman’s place is in the resistance.”

Christy Taylor Goff · Works at Parkwood Hill Intermediate School
Fort Worth Texas represent: If you think we are mad now, just wait ’til we synch our cycles!”

Sharon Borror · Kindergarten Teacher at USD 470
My favorite: “65 million sn❄ wflakes coming at you is called an avalanche!”

Anna Finlayson
Vulva la resistance is fantastic. I think there is something everyone could take from “tweet others how you wish to be tweeted”. A certain president could perhaps think about that one too.

Teresa Zieminski-Myers · Office Manager at Gabel Associates, LLC
most impactful on me: “My assaulter has more in common with my President than I do.” -Women’s March, Oakland, CA

Corinne Wong
My favorite was, “Sexual predators are not allowed to live in government housing.”

Colleen Hannasch Haas
In Raleigh, NC: Vaginas brought you in to this world, vaginas will vote you out!

Jeannie West Jenkins · Owner at Lost Cypress Farm

Ryan Mercy · Camarillo High
I still love the sign from a PP rally that said “if I make my uterus a corporation, will you stop trying to regulate it”

Darlyne Miller · University of Southern California
Favorite from Napa CA: I wish my uterus shot bullets so the government would not regulate it.

Maria Costello · New York University
No you can’t take my rights, I’m still using them

Tina Mahan Antiorangesubhumanwalla
My favorite was….This is the only way Trump can make women come!!!!

Allie Rocheleau · Legal Secretary at Epstein Patierno, P.C.
“I know signs. I’m really good at making signs. I make amazing signs. Everybody says so.”

Krystalynn Kado
There was a little girl holding a sign here in Hawaii that said “Sugar and spice and deserving of rights.” That was probably my favorite.

Melissa Hymel
“I’m a girl, what’s your superpower?”

Heidi Hilliard · Senior Project Coordinator at Michigan Public Health Institute
Legalize Empathy

Valerie Fore · William B. Travis High School
I saw one that said “Trump can’t read!” I don’t know if I get the joke, but it cracked me up!

Kimberley Rose · Film Fellow at One Common Unity
We will trade you 1 trump for 10,000 immigrants.

Gretchen Whitworth
Colorado Springs: SO BAD EVEN THE INTROVERTS ARE HERE. I’m not an introvert, but some of my best friends are…

Mary Marceau · Registered Nurse at RRMC
Montpelier,Vermont, Does this ASS (picture of Trump) Make our country look smaller?

Constance Hanna · University of Pittsburgh
My favorite: White Supremacy is so 1933

Christine Tyrrell Harris · Highland High School
When they go low, we MARCH.

Maria Ballard · Graduate Researcher at Community Psychology
I will not be sent quietly back to the 1950’s

Joyce Vastola · Psychologist at Bronxville School
A Woman’s Place Is In Your Face!

Devonee Hendrix · Colorado Mountain
“If you take my birth control, I’ll make more feminists”

Virginia Slavin · Organizational Quality Engineer at Hewlett-Packard
I liked the one that said “Don’t MAKE me take my bra off!”

11 thoughts on “#signsfrom #womensmarch

  1. “Sugar and spice and deserving of rights!”….so much my oldest daughter! (and she was born in Hawaii!) I’m so proud of these women. I support them from home and posted pics of me wearing a “such a nasty woman” tshirt. (instagram @xunae) and my sister in law marched in Washington state!

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    • Yeah, many commenters have wondered if all those protesters voted. Since Hillary won the popular vote, I’d say most of them did. But there are probably a good percentage who have just woken up.


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