Please Join Me For Dessert

Sometimes my whipped cream icing is a little runny. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m having trouble getting it to form peaks.


Along with heavy whipping cream, sugar, powdered sugar, cocoa, and vanilla, I melt some chocolate chips with butter and add it to the icing. Because the other ingredients are so cold, the chocolate becomes tiny little chunks.


Sometimes I add a little cinnamon to the cocoa, or coffee grinds to the butter and chocolate chip mixture (before heating). The chocolate cake is made with mayonnaise instead of butter, along with hot coffee. It’s super moist.


I was using a chilled metal bowl to whip the icing, but today, I used a chilled glass bowl.


And the consistency turned out a little better.




Still tastes the same. Like chocolate mousse icing.


I think I’m in love. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Please Join Me For Dessert

  1. Mayonnaise???? Ummm that’s.. I’ve never heard of that before. Did you post this to see how many people would tell you they would eat it? Did you really use mayonnaise?

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