4 thoughts on “Meme Time

    • I remember when Bush Jr. was first elected president, and I’m like, well, how much damage could one man do? It’s not like he’s running the only branch of government, right? There are checks and balances, right? Maybe we’ve finally found a WMD… and it’s orange.

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      • ::shudder:: The Bush administration set scientific research back decades! Barely recovered, McDonald will no doubt do the same, and may well bring back diseases we haven’t seen in years – have you READ his vaccine initiative ideas?

        He’s like an obstinate 3-year old. “If Obama liked it, I don’t want it!!!! If I can break it – and I CAN – I WILL!”

        Since Obama was a highly literate and well-informed man with a very classy spouse . . . batten down the hatches, everybody, or run for cover.

        I may never again be able to stomach the color orange — if I survive the next four years, that is.

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  1. I especially love the Putin/Trump memes. At least, cartoonists shouldn’t have to worry about becoming unemployed for the next four years with all the fodder The Donald provides and Putin as an added bonus.

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