“Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Jeff Sessions

The Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions has labeled me as a bad person. And yet, during his confirmation hearing, Senator Lindsey Graham asked him how he felt about being “labeled”:

Graham:  “Being accused of being a conservative… People have tried to label you as a racist or a bigot… How does that make you feel?”

Sessions:  “Well, it does not feel good.”

No, Mr. Sessions, it does not feel good. You’ve judged me without even meeting me, which means I can do the same to you.

And you, Mr. Sessions, are a dickhead.

What do you have against cannabis, Mr. Sessions? Do you feel the same about alcohol and cigarettes? Like, good people don’t drink alcohol? Is there some reason for your illogical position on marijuana?


In the hardscrabble desert hamlet of Milan, New Mexico, incarceration is the biggest game in town. Not far from Interstate 40, among fragrant sage and creosote bushes, stands a sprawling outpost of CoreCivic Inc., one of America’s biggest for-profit prison companies. The 1,200-bed facility, formerly a lockup for car thieves and drug dealers, is being transformed into a detention center for immigrants fleeing Mexico and Central America. It will be opening just as Donald Trump becomes president…

Since the Republican was elected, CoreCivic stock has jumped 78 percent. Rival private-prison company Geo Group Inc., is up 53 percent…

Stricter laws, tougher enforcement, more incarceration, longer sentences: for private prisons, that’s a path to profit. In Trump and his choice for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions, the prison industry now has important boosters in Washington…

With marijuana legalization and Congress’s easing of drug sentencing causing the first prison-population decline in three decades, it looked as if the government’s experiment of outsourcing the incarceration business was drawing to an end…

As the drug war fades, private-prison companies have shifted to the immigrant-detention business…

As part of his “100-Day Plan To Make America Great Again,” Trump said he would work with Congress to build a southern border wall and establish two- and five-year mandatory minimum prison sentences for illegal re-entry into the U.S.

A five-year minimum for the offense would expand the federal prison population by 65,000 prisoners, which would require the government to build more than 20 prisons, according to a 2015 American Bar Association letter to Congress…

9 thoughts on ““Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Jeff Sessions

    • If your head is in the sand, you won’t see or hear these jokers make fools of themselves. After all, we pay their salaries, so it’s only fair that they entertain us for free. 🙂 I don’t care how much money they make, nobody could make me sell my soul like these people do. Sometimes, I even feel sorry for them… but not for long. 🙂

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