Ever been punched by a police officer?

When I talk about police abuse, like in this post:


It’s usually about how the police treat people of color. But it’s not like white people get a pass just because of their skin color:


The video in this article shows a white officer punching a white woman who was in the process of being evicted from her home. The officer was there about a warrant, which the woman says over and over again that she took care of. She pleads with the officers to call and check on the status of the warrant, but she gets punched instead.

While I was shocked at how the black mother in the first video was treated by the police, I wasn’t shocked at how the white woman was treated in the second video. I can feel her desperation. I can easily see myself in her shoes. And now I feel lucky that I’ve never been punched by a police officer.

I think the drug war has a lot to do with police brutality, treating people like dirt just because of drugs. I think a lot of white people (including police) associate black people with crime and drugs, which is just plain wrong. But when police feel free to treat people of color like dirt, they will eventually feel free to treat all people like dirt.

9 thoughts on “Ever been punched by a police officer?

  1. I think more and more people are treating others like dirt. Look at our President elect. With him in office, our police will believe treating people like dirt is what is expected.

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  2. I think that their training is lacking, completely lacking or non existent is some cases. I also think there are a number that need stress related help. lastly, there are a number that just needs to be weeded out because they never should have been cops in the first place. I’m not going to outright blame the media or social media because I think it would be just making excuses. but I do wonder if instant access to what’s going on is painting all as bad cops when there are a large number of law enforcement people who are decent and honorable people.

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    • It’s not just on social media. YouTube has quite a collection of videos of police brutality. I’m sure many of those cases didn’t turn out as well as this one, where the officer resigned. Thing is, we went from not knowing about a lot of these cases, to knowing about a lot of them. But I still don’t think we know about all of them.

      I know there are plenty of professional police officers who do a good job. I wish the good ones would do something about the bad ones.

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