Introducing the condensed milk coconut pound cake.


Quite moist, if I do say so myself.


But a little crumbly.


I don’t know why my desserts don’t turn out like the ones in the photos for the recipes.

But I’m beginning to think it has something to do with altitude.


The internet says you should add extra flour (and other stuff) if you’re baking in a high-altitude area. I dunno about that, since my desserts seem to be more on the dry side. Maybe it has more to do with my small oven.


Of course, looks don’t have anything to do with how it tastes, and this pound cake tasted pretty good. The coconut kept it from being too bland. Then I tried to make whipped cream icing.


Just like when my egg whites wouldn’t form a peak, the heavy cream wouldn’t form peaks. The recipe says it takes a couple of minutes with the mixer, but I must have mixed it for like 5 minutes before IΒ put all of it in the freezer.


Then I started adding stuff, like cinnamon and cocoa. More powdered sugar. Even oatmeal (don’t ask me why). Then more powdered sugar. It looked more like a mousse than icing. So, I added some peanut butter.


I ended up eating most of the mousse/icing by itself. It was delicious. Must make again (without the oatmeal).


I could take pictures of food all day long.


Is it just me, orΒ are these photos beginning to look like Trump?


Well, we had a President and First Lady who embraced physical fitness and eating right. What to expect from an overweight white man and his Barbie-doll wife? (Hey, that rhymes.) I predict that junk food is about to make a comeback. πŸ™‚

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