Maybe I should become a conspiracy theorist

For every story about someone who suffers from addiction, if the media wanted to, it could find 20 stories of people suffering from chronic pain. It’s inequities like this that make one start to believe in conspiracy theories. I’ve seen addiction articles recently in the Los Angeles Times and now the Washington Post:

As I predicted, pretty soon, there will be an addiction clinic next to every place that does surgery. Because I’m not aware of any kind of surgery that would not include the use of some kind of painkiller.

She told him the truth: More than a year earlier, she had hurt her back lifting a patient at work, where she was a nursing assistant. A doctor gave her a prescription for 120 Percocets with two automatic refills. That was 360 pills. After those ran out, he gave her a scrip for 60 more and warned her about addiction. Too late. She had no problem finding pills on the street.

I don’t know what to think about this story. What kind of doctor would prescribe Percocet right off the bat for a hurt back? I would think that most doctors would at least start with codeine.

This happened fairly recently, so what kind of doctor would give an automatic refill for a painkiller (without worrying about the DEA)? And then within a span of months, this patient went from taking Percocet for her back to finding pills on the street? Is her story supposed to be representative of… something?

Am I supposed to believe this:

โ€œNow you can get heroin quicker in these communities than you can get a pizza,โ€ said Teri Minney, head of the Ross County Heroin Partnership Project.

I don’t know what to believe anymore, but I do know that only one side of this war is being told. And I don’t understand why.

13 thoughts on “Maybe I should become a conspiracy theorist

  1. I was talking with a friend of mine abou this. And the conditioning is so hard to get through. I mean yes addiction to these substances is a problem, but not nearly as much as a problem as people like us who live
    in chronic pain!

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  2. I think that you are on to something and that picture states it all….
    I won’t get into my shitthead fuckard Dr Farooq said last visit …at this time…but I think hes been probed by the aliens and I am not talking the azz even tho he was talking out his…more like he has brain damage or something…I swear…

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  3. I actually read something with a really plausible explanation, but I can’t remember the source or explanation … just the “aha.” Argh. If I remember it or come upon it again, I’ll try to return here with it.

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    • That sounds interesting, but I’m not sure why you would pick me to talk about personal empowerment. I’m just trying to survive. In fact, I think I agree with Charles Bukowski: “Find what you love and let it kill you.” Something is going to kill you, why not let it be something you love? ๐Ÿ™‚


        • Being empowered would mean that I have some kind of power, but I can’t think of too many people who have less power than me. In other words, I don’t consider myself empowered by anything. And my views about daily living and surviving are about suffering from constant pain. While there are some chronic pain patients who blog, there really aren’t very many of them. Who is your audience?

          Maybe if you could be a little bit more specific, I could tell you if I’m up to the challenge. Daily living and surviving is a rather huge topic. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Somebody’s paying the press to only cover addiction stories? I guess it could be the government, through some anti-drug program. And I guess nobody would pay the media to cover the stories of pain patients, except maybe Big Pharma. Heavy sigh.


      • Pushing pain meds gets someone paid. Pushing addiction also gets someone paid. I dont think they actually care about pain patients … or any patients actually … but I’m more inclined to the conspiracy side of things.
        Here, the government has just finished spouting that benefit recipients (medical and unemployment) are ‘addicted’ to the ‘free money’, which is laughable, as in there aren’t any jobs and any money these people get doesn’t even cover rent let alone medical bills! But it seems like ‘they’ demonise the practice for awhile and then come in with a ‘solution’ once theres enough plebs believing the lie. They did this just before they made the last cuts to benefits which saw our homelessness ‘issue’ rise extraordinarily!
        So i’m wondering, if this is what they’re doing on the DL with pain meds – addiction? The cycle they create makes it look like they’re doing something, whilst making money and not actually solving anything.
        Its thoroughly disgusting either way!

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        • Nothing is free. Most people wouldn’t sell their dignity to receive government benefits if they had other options. I don’t even get mad at the people who scam the system. As far as I’m concerned, everybody who receives benefits needs help. Proving you need financial help is like trying to prove you need medical help. How much proof of suffering do they need?

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        • Here you now need 3 monthly checks from a GP, as well as proof of incoming (extra, pfft) and outgoings, any specialist reports, done quarterly now … as well as proof your complying with ‘job seeking’ rules, even if you have cancer and are receiving chemo, they are now required to undergo checks. Its thoroughly revolting … hence the rise in homelessness … theres a shit tonne of people that can’t afford all of those trips in to the welfare place let alone the trips to the docs … yes, not to mention the dignity it shreds off’ve yah!

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