Homophobics are scaredy-cats

I don’t know why people make such a big deal about gender. What does it matter? Seems like it would only matter if you were afraid of being gay. Dude, if you’re afraid of being gay, get over it. We’re not living in the Stone Age anymore — it’s about to be 2017, thank goodness.


Transgender at 8? No, I don’t think so maybe his parents are idiots, I’d bet on that and win…

And what if the girl wants to be a pony tomorrow? Will they try to put her in a stable?

I remember the day when you could tell if your a boy or girl by whats between your legs now they say its whats between your ears that identifies that. What a mad world it has become

Yahoo Reader
Nothing keeping the LGBT from starting their own scouts. They won’t because they can only feel validated by intruding where they aren’t welcome… into straight society. Boycott the LGBT and boycott any of their supporters, then the insanity will end.

Mentally ill child. Arrest the parents, they are unfit to raise a child.

I think it’s funny that last names are hard to find in the comment sections on Yahoo News, let alone real names. And that the vast majority of them appear to be male. Hey, you men, what are you gonna do about this? This is your tribe. Women have already tried to explain this stuff and we’re really tired of repeating ourselves.

Yes, that’s right, I read through conservative comment sections so you won’t have to. I’m trying to find similarities between conservatives and liberals, but these people are freaky. Like, irrational. In fact, I think most of them may be Russian. 🙂


Whether you hail from Surbiton, Ulan Bator or Nairobi, your genetic make-up is strikingly similar to that of every other person on Earth, an analysis concludes today. Although scientists have long recognised that, despite physical differences, all human populations are genetically similar, the new work concludes that populations from different parts of the world share even more genetic similarities than previously assumed. All humans are 99.9 per cent identical…

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