Christmas from my bedroom window

Christmas Eve



Christmas morning




Christmas afternoon



Christmas evening



I found the energy to clean the inside of my bedroom window, but now I need to clean the outside. Or not. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Christmas from my bedroom window

  1. Or not!!!…
    You mean the place you live don’t clean the windows for you???…What kind of place is this???… How dare they not clean them…this is part of the job….speaking of jobs I am past the point of doing everyone else job…I don’t know what I am going to do about this dr ..the new one Dr Farooq…not doing the job at hand and office staff is no help and not doing the job either….wtf…END OF RANT…lolol…
    See if everyone did what job they have I would be on here more and able to write more freely …but instead I have to chase my tail…I thought I didn’t have a tail and that we all out grow it during or while in the womb lololol…I guess I will have to start whipping my tail at these fuckheads….lol

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