It’s important to build bridges.

I’ve tried to build bridges between pain patients and those who suffer from addiction, with little, if any, success.

I’ve tried to build bridges between pain patients and the cannabis industry, spreading the truth about using pot to treat pain.

I find it difficult to build bridges between atheists and religious people. I don’t understand the worship of some supernatural being, and I don’t understand why religious people follow my atheist blog.

Because I visit everyone who visits me, I found myself reading about the sin of masturbation today. Did you know that if you masturbate, it proves you have no self control? Please.

Humans are able to pleasure themselves in a myriad of ways, including with food, sex, and drugs. Just like with the drug war, religious people have a problem with the notion of pleasure. Ironically, researchers have shown that prayer can elicit the very same pleasure responses in the brain as sex and drugs.

Some people on the internet think we should build bridges between Democrats and Republicans. That’s a given. But, build bridges with white-pride Nazis? No, I don’t think so.

Build bridges with people like this?

I watched this video, and I’m like, isn’t anyone going to stand up to this bully?

Here’s a warning to bullies: Don’t pull this shit when I’m standing there. I can also cuss like a sailor and I’m not afraid of you.

11 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. As a Christian, I have no problem with your blog. Just because I believe in Jesus Christ doesn’t mean anyone else has to. Everyone has the freedom to choose what they believe and I don’t believe that I have the right to force my beliefs on you if you believe differently.

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  2. I cannot get the sound to work on my phone but I will say how unfortunate it is that people have to worry about losing a job if they school a racist. I don’t have that fear but I remind myself I don’t have children to feed, nor am I the recipient of amazing medical benefits because of a job. I am sad that apparently no one else in this line piped up. It looked like a woman was nodding her head in approval which is deplorable. I used to have such an idealist hope that bigotry was dying with the older generations, but my Facebook feed reminds me it is alive and well. I often feel such disgust for how silent my peers are about the same posts I am reading. I understand not wanting to argue online but being silent gives folks the idea that the majority is okay with their ignorance and ugliness. You don’t have to argue. Just tell someone they are being a tiny-minded fuck and walk away. You don’t even have to be vulgar, it’s a preference. Maybe if people get enough of these comments to realize the silent majority thinks they are wrong, they will “see the light.” I think it’s your civic duty to be vocal in these situations when others can’t. Someone who fears losing their job, suffers crippling anxiety, or maybe has a stutter that monopolizes their tongue when emotional, etc- these guys need an ally.

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    • It takes a long time for bigotry to die, as each generation teaches their own brand of racism and bigotry to their children. I’d like to think that most people aren’t racists and bigots, but then the majority of people in this world are white; so, logically, I’d say there’s probably a lot more bigotry out there than you can see or hear. Funny how some bigotry dies out, and yet some always remains, or a new bigotry develops. I guess people need what they think is a valid reason to treat people as… other. To feel… superior.

      I’m not sure how I would have handled such a situation if I had been in that line… I think I would’ve offered my help to the women being bullied, while leaving whatever I was going to buy on the counter, then walking out. Although, depending on my pain levels, I might have told that bully to fuck off.

      Life is short. No need to put up with crap like this. I wonder how the bully feels now, being a viral villain? Thing is, she probably has just as much positive support as negative.

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        • It’s better to ignore people like that, even though it would be hard for me to do. They need an audience. They need others to agree with their bigotry. You don’t need other people to validate your beliefs when you know you’re in the right.

          Somewhere deep down, she knows she was wrong. She just let her irritation get the best of her, which all of us do from time to time. If the customers had been Hispanic men, I doubt she would’ve been so bold. If those customers had been anything other than Latina, this whole thing might never have happened.

          Everybody is equal in the eyes of Mother Nature. Evil people like Dick Cheney survive, while good people die way too young. Mother Nature doesn’t care if you’re good or evil. And I don’t think anybody’s god cares, either, or the world would be a very different place.

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