Criminalizing pain

(12/17/2016) We need to speed up our acceptance of the opioid guidelines

My comment:

I’ve predicted that pain clinics and addiction clinics would eventually become one and the same. I suppose addiction clinics will soon be cropping up next to dentist offices and places that treat cancer, too. I guess these places will help the very small percentage of pain patients who also suffer from addiction, but pain patients are extremely tired of being treated like drug addicts.

Yes, the medical industry should pull together and speed up its acceptance of the CDC’s opioid guidelines, even though a basic principle of medical ethics says that when you have an intervention that works, you don’t introduce alternatives unless there are significant advantages. After all, doctors have so many different and successful alternative treatments to manage pain that I’m sure no one will miss painkillers.

Yes, doctors should treat every patient who complains of pain as a potential drug addict. That sounds like a wonderful idea. Let’s see how that attitude will help those who suffer from addiction, along with 90% of the rest of the population.

People refusing to see a doctor when they’re in pain. People in pain automatically going to the underground drug market, where there’s a better chance of finding some kind of relief. What good is a doctor who will not only minimize your pain, but ignore it? How many serious medical conditions will be missed because a doctor ignores a patient’s pain?

Yes, we’ve done such a good job of criminalizing addiction, let’s criminalize pain, too. Another wonderful idea from the medical industry.

5 thoughts on “Criminalizing pain

  1. Yup especially about missed diagnosis…My EKG and 24 heart monitor was all bad and still having major trouble with my heart and waiting for over 5 days that they said that I would get a phone call from my heart dr and mri place and…to this day nothing …no phone calls…and the run around…he told me(fucking Dr Farooq) I could have a stroke or heart attack anytime due to just my extreme cholesterol and now with the heart really acting up…he wanted me to come in and have another test done but when i mention it to him he said yes but …nothing happened no test done in his office…fuck head…
    They said that I can’t see my heart dr with out a referral but after lunch I am going to call my heart dr myself and try to get in asap!!!…so they can get my EKG and 24 hour heart test from dr farooq fuck head…
    so one less test my heart dr would have to do since I still owe them money ..and maybe figure out what the deal is..scary!!!…both my parents have heart problems well mom had a heart attack very young around in her 30’s or so..and dad had a mini Ti and stent and just had a triple (i believe) bypass a year ago…I was born with problems with heart and well everything lol…
    Anyways gurl sorry to ramble on your page (as always)…but as always I enjoy your post and get so mad at reading them …since I can relate and even thought about just smoking the puff puff pass shitt…hell I will just try to keep hanging in there I guess…
    Huggggs n ♥ to you gurl

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  2. I’m slowly getting the gist of this ‘addiction’ theory they’re pushing … and we’re beginning to see it happen here …
    I don’t like it. It seems like they’re aiming at the wrong end of the spectrum!?? And that makes no sense to me.

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