Because I wanted to empathize with my friends who can’t handle gluten, I made my first flourless cake yesterday. (I was really just looking for something to put ganache on top of.) It was also my first time to try making stiff peaks withΒ egg whites, which didn’t turn out so well. Still, it tastes pretty good, if maybe a little sweet.


It was very rich, but it seemed to be missing something…


Missing something… something… Oh, I know, flour. πŸ™‚


These cheesecake brownies had flour (and I added a graham cracker crust), but they were just as rich as the flourless chocolate cake. If I’m going to use a recipe without flour, then I think I’d prefer a chocolate cheesecake.

Okay, you gluten freaks, I’ve proven that there is life without gluten, so stop your whining. πŸ˜€

Now, go have some unicorn hot chocolate, the “colorful beverage of your dreams”:

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