There appeared to be only one alien ship, but it was was enormous. Most people on the ground only saw the clouds of exhaust being emitted from the ship, almost fully carpeting the sky, leaving only small pockets of blue.


The billowing gray clouds interrupted phone and internet service, leaving people disconnected and isolated. Instead of joining friends and neighbors to question the ship’s arrival, most people hid behind locked windows and doors. It seemed like everyone preferred to be ignorant of what was happening, rather than find out the worst.





In the beginning, I saw some cars on the road. A lady walking her dog. (Or was it an alien walking a dog?)







But it wasn’t long before the roads became deserted. If people found it hard to trust each other before the ship arrived, it was even worse afterwards.


A desperate hush fell over all the inhabitants of Earth.


We were all waiting, but we didn’t know what we were waiting for.


Even the trees seemed to be frozen in time.


I waited at the top of the hill, the only human for miles around who dared to venture outside. I wasn’t afraid of the aliens. I had spoken to them before. They were all pretty nice, especially compared to humans.


No, the aliens weren’t aggressive or violent… unless provoked beyond reason.


15 thoughts on “The Aliens Have Landed

  1. Kool pix gurl!!!…
    Now about those aliens you mention they were nice but…probing ??? as long as they are with us and against them (docs) lol
    What are you still doing up gurly gurl???…

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    • I’ve asked the aliens about Trump. They say he’s the former president of Pluto, still angry about the loss of Pluto’s planet status. Not much to crow about when you’re president of a dwarf planet. Apparently, Trump owned a manufacturing plant that made human suits. Looks like they did a pretty good job — Trump does look human on the outside. πŸ™‚


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