13 thoughts on “Let’s forget 2016

  1. I agree and YES please let us forget about 2016… n hope for a better year…PLEASE!!!…
    I don’t know if I have it in me to stand for many more ruff ruff times gurl…lol…
    How did that cake turn out gurl???…

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        • I still have most of the buttermilk left that I need to use up, but no, I don’t drink milk, whether it has butter in it or not. I don’t like milk… something about the consistency… reminds me of mucous. 🙂

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        • Ewwwwwww milk mucous ….lol but now that I think of it you are right sometimes its thick ewww ok….lol
          did you make biscuits ???…can’t remember if you have or not with the buttermilk….what about pancakes???..you can freeze pancakes…
          Oh I know that you can freeze regular milk..so you may want to freeze the left over buttermilk???…to use at a different time???…now I have never froze open milk but we do regular non opened milk…

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        • Yes, I’m gonna make pancakes (the reason I bought the buttermilk), but I’m not really into biscuits. I also think I need to try and freeze some of it, so thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

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        • Well make a big batch of them and freeze them so that if you have a tight month like us and most of the world you will have those to fall back on…
          cornbread???…you like that???…
          google has chocolate buttermilk pie..that looks good lol…donuts???…cinnamon rolls???muffins ???…lolol…
          yuppers you can freeze it…Hey I am glad I could help…for once lol..☻

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        • Yeah…I just used google again lol…had a list of things that you could use it for..I seen that and thought hey she might like that lol.. ☻
          Just trying to help ya out chicka…lol

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