Goodbye, Vicodin

“…crucial efforts to steer physicians away from prescription opioids — addictive pain medications involved in the deaths of more than 165,000 Americans since 2000.”

How much more effort will it take? How much more fear can be instilled in doctors and patients?

Pain medications are not addictive for the majority of people who take them, so to describe them as such is just pure ignorance. Let’s see the number for the amount of Americans who have taken pain medications since 2000 without becoming addicted. Because believe it or not, opioids provide benefits to tens of millions of Americans. And while it’s easy to throw around huge numbers like 165,000 (within a 16-year period), the truth is that the percentage of Americans who suffer from an opioid addiction is very low (0.6% of the population).

“An estimated 78 Americans die from heroin and prescription opioid overdoses every day.”

For comparison, according to the CDC, in 2013 there were 113 suicides every day.

The CDC also says that “firearms are the most commonly used method of suicide among males (56.9%).” When will the government force gun manufacturers to make an abuse-deterrent gun? When will they force gun owners to buy a more expensive, abuse-deterrent model?

“The FDA already has begun moving in the direction suggested by companies, mapping out a process for removing older opioids from the market when newer versions are shown to be more effective at thwarting abuse.”

How many other drugs are considered effective only because they’ve been shown to thwart abuse? Is that the purpose of these medications, or is their purpose to treat pain? Has the FDA determined that it’s not important to show how effective the abuse-deterrent opioids are at treating pain? Because as a 30-year intractable pain survivor who’s taken almost every prescription opioid, I find it hard to believe that these new formulations work better, or even as well as, ubiquitous painkillers such as Vicodin and Percocet.

Some drugmakers aim to replace ubiquitous painkillers such as Vicodin and Percocet with harder-to-abuse formulations that are patent-protected and command higher prices — a plan that could cost government-funded health programs hundreds of millions of dollars in higher medication expenses…

#DearCDC: A basic principle of medical ethics says that when you have an intervention that works, you don’t introduce alternatives unless there are significant advantages. Please share with the public which alternative treatments for chronic pain show significant advantages over opioids for a majority of patients. In other words, prove that the CDC’s guidelines are in compliance with the basic principles of medical ethics.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Vicodin

  1. As my “Winter Holiday” gift to the decision makers of the CDC, I bestow upon each and every one of them, one or more of the following “stocking stuffers:”

    –migraine headache
    –post-herpetic neuralgia
    –trigeminal neuralgia
    –degenerative disc disease
    –diabetic neuropathy

    Oh look, it’s your turn! What would you like the CDC mavens to find in their stockings?? Ho ho ho!

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  2. Three things will solve this issue. Make marijuana legal and for the purposes of treating chronic pain patients, stress, and for recreational use. Eliminate all guns and the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of guns and drugs made by man, in unnatural laboratories and sweat shops. The human race is destroying itself in the name of money. Weed never hurt anyone. I rest my case.

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  3. Oh for the love of fucks….
    just for the record the dr that said he would take over my pain medication and its only one rx is now saying nope!!!… when we talked about this in October when the other fucking dr dropped me for no reason at all…fuck dr westergaard and im about to shove that dildo up this drs azz hard like kick it with my foot hard with out lube then I will make him suck my dogs dick so that he will stop being in love with his momma thank god she is about out of heat lol…so maybe he won’t have to suck my baby dog dick after all…I will just shove my dry azz fist up his azz and rotate that mother fucker till he knows what the fuck pain is about…FUCKTHISBULLSHITT…COCK SUCKERS….

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      • Awww thank you for caring gurl…I appreciate you so very much gurl…I wish there was something to be done about all this shitt…
        Hey I will take one or two…they have to be better doctors then the ones that seem to be doing this to real people with real illnesses …I know its just not me they are doing this to but I am just tired now I have to start over and can’t have my 3 operations done since my heart is acting up and can’t get cleared…
        Anyways yes again 1 or 2 will do just fine make sure again that they are doctors that know what the fuck they are doing and not scared…
        Someone just told me about aliens that the bad ones smell so make sure that they are all good lol…I laugh but that is a true story …this person said that is how you can tell if they are good or bad aliens ….hmmm….lol…
        my better half he has been saying sell it all and move….I am just about ready to…..hmmm…does that place have cloud therapy ??? if not …i am not going….lol

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        • Sorry, you misunderstood the purpose of sending the aliens. See, aliens are experts at anal probes and things of that nature. So, my aliens would be sent to you so you could send them to work on your doctor(s).

          FYI, all the aliens I’ve met don’t smell at all. In fact, they have no smell. They don’t shower or wear perfume, either. Their skin is… self-cleaning. 🙂

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        • Oh fuck they are…omg fuck that…never mind ..I don’t want anal anything….lol…not for me but…YES!!! for the doctors that will work…I had forgotten about them anal aliens ….lol….
          well you know that is to be a true fact about deodorant…if not used your body has its own natural smell and not a bad one either…many people don’t wear it due to the chemicals in it…I think I read about it somewhere that once the chemicals from the sprays we use gets out of the system when you sweat you won’t stink any longer …now I really did read that…how true it is …I don’t know…lol..just like self cleaning yupppers…
          maybe this dr will get anal probe tonight??? more than a few times…with a big one…make it leave a fucking mark…

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  4. I would love to see how many people die in at-home accidents or car accidents or from obesity related illnesses. Where are the warnings for cars? Or stairs? Or bathtubs? Or hell….cereal boxes?! I promise suicide rates will go up if they cut us off meds, and I told my husband just as much.

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  5. “The war on drugs” is actually a war on mental health and chronic pain. And we are losing – because those in charge of setting policy are science-ignorant and know even less about medical issues. Hang on to your hats, kids, because McDonald’s appointees are likely to be the most ignorant of the lot. ALL they seem to know is how to be billionaires, whatever it takes.

    I’m with Laura Schulman, only I see her “Winter Holiday” gift and raise her one –
    1- I wish them ALL heavy doses of *every single thing* that only the medications they believe are being “abused” can help.
    2- And then I hope they remain unable to get relief of ANY sort until they change the policies THEY have put in place and publicly retract their statements.

    Sadly, that’s probably the only was they’ll gain even the tiniest smidge of empathy and awareness.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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