The Alien


Aliens tell the story of one of their ancestors who visited Earth in ancient times. While the aliens found humans to be primitive, that didn’t stop the power of attraction that blossomed between the two species.




The story tells of an alien named Q who fell in love with a human called Ruth. Because of the Alien Code of Conduct, Q’s love remained hidden and unrequited. But because he loved Ruth so very much and wanted to honor her, he managed to smuggle a special alien flower to Earth, which he planted in Ruth’s backyard while she slept.






Q watched the alien flower blossom and grow, bringing Ruth great joy. Ruth’s neighbors began to stop by, bringing homemade desserts as an excuse to visit the alien flower. Strangers drove for hours to visit the flower that only existed in Ruth’s backyard. Plant experts from all over the world also visited Ruth’s flower, which she named “The Alien.”





When alien officials learned of Q’s crime, he was banned from returning to Earth. He was also banished to Pluto, where he lived out his remaining days dreaming about Ruth, never to fall in love again.





Ruth lived out her days alone, too, tending to her special flower with all the love and attention she was unable to shower on the giver — a stranger who just happened to be an alien from another planet.




To some in the alien world, Q is a criminal. But to others — especially the young folk — Q is a hero. As far back as ancient times, the story of Q and Ruth has been whispered with reverence from student to student, planet to planet, across the galaxy.



Because no matter where you live or what species you are, love is a universal language that everyone understands. But don’t wait around until you find it or it finds you. As Stephen Sills said, “Love the one you’re with.”

FedEx Scam

From: (FedEx Station Management)
Re: FedEx parcel #0000314934 delivery problem

Dear Customer,

Your item has arrived at December 07, but our courier was not able to deliver the parcel.

Please check the attachment for details!

Thank you for making business with us,
Danny Rosen,
Station Agent.

Maybe if you live on Mars and have never had a delivery from Federal Express, you might be tempted to click on the attachment. However, 98% of people do know how FedEx operates, so either the scammers are getting dumber, or they just don’t care anymore.

Happy Holidays, Mr. Russian Scammer. May you get a better job in the new year. 🙂