It’s hard to decide which photos to post. It’s not like I can post them all. And I don’t want to bore everyone. Often I’m like, well, that’s a pretty shot, but I’ve already chosen so many…

But then I think, fuck it, if I like it, that’s enough for me. After all, this is my therapy. It’s not like ya’ll are paying me for this free “entertainment.” πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “The Town Square

  1. Actually, you ought to pay us. “Pay per click,” LOL!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Your photos are great. You make me smile. The check is in the mail😜

    Is this at the University? I had a very, very bizarre Halloween on mescaline right there in that neighborhood in 1970. Where were you in 1970?

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    • Yes, this is at UNM. 1970? I was just beginning to get interested in gymnastics. Then Olga Korbut and Cathy Rigby entered the scene and I was hooked:

      Never tried mescaline. Don’t think I want to. πŸ™‚

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      • Wow, great vids, thanks. That little blazing star Olga, I wonder how much pain she paid for that gold….

        Were you a gymnast? I made a stab at it, but at 4’10” the unevens terrified me. All I could imagine was my teeth scattered over the gym floor. So I took to riding tall Thoroughbreds instead. For some reason I knew that I would never fall off of one of those. I didn’t, either. Too far down.

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        • I started late, but yes, I was a competitive gymnast for about 5 years. I think it was a head and neck injury on floor exercise that started my pain. I’ve never been on a real horse. Animals have minds of their own, unlike gymnastics equipment. πŸ™‚

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        • Ah. The snapping hypertension of the spine alone could give someone a permanent headache. In fact, my body memory can replay that violent smack of the back of the head on the mat from a crash landing. Nope, I’ll stick to something I can sit down on…formerly a flying horse…these days it’s just my sorry old ass!

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        • I don’t think the human body was meant to do gymnastics. Just my personal opinion, of course. And of course your smartphone is smarter than you. That’s why I don’t have one. I was just thinking yesterday about how nice it is to never hear a phone ring while I’m at home. I don’t like that sound. It makes me jump.

          But until your phone can do laundry and scrub the toilet, it will always be fairly useless. πŸ™‚

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      • all these chill photos from the land of walter white, *wew*

        i think mescaline would suit u ( ; a visit to the peyote way church of god would be a car ride away for you, i think. even think i saw whoopi goldberg’$ signature in the book, but it was too long ago and i was hungry. 😒

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