Stairway Clouds greeted me this morning. (What, you’ve never heard of Stairway Clouds?)










Oddly enough, this phenomenon (say that 3 times fast) is not caused by aliens. It’s actually caused by bud lovers in Colorado, medicating with their favorite morning strain. PPP, dudes. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. ppp back to you gurl!!!…
    The title should have been Cloud morning hahaah…beautiful as always gurl…Wish we had clouds like you do…and the blue skies …here it just seems like they are not as blue and the clouds are fucking flat or something ….
    I am so tired of this cool and wet n dark days….except today is cold 22 when i woke this am…not even supposed to get get in the low 40’s now when it is this cold we should have snow…I don’t like it cold without snow…no use for it lol…
    So what are you making today??? what ya doing???
    Huggggs n ♥

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    • I made some brownie bites very early this morning that are totally, amazingly, awesome. Today I’m trying to catch up on some cleaning. But then my water got turned off (they’ve been working on it), so I went to visit the ducks. Geez, I have a boring life. 🙂

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      • Hey Sunshine!!!…
        yummy…should be a way to push one thru the computer screen…hmmm…maybe one of your inventions gurl…
        well at least it wasn’t a water leak like we had for months and couldn’t get anyone to fix it….real true friends I tell ya..even when we had the money to pay …so we paid out over 500.00 a month and sometimes another 500.00 a month so twice a month….thank god better half had a lil saved up at that time…but it could have been fixed all for a fucking 3.00 part…fucking azzholes…the circle of friends gets even smaller ….fucktardheads…
        well cleaning you can do when they turn it back on and when you feel up to it…or just wait lol..till another day…
        awww the ducks…I think you have a wonderful eye for pictures and objects …I don’t think that you have a boring life but I don’t know how you live but gurl I can relate …stir crazy here…to much on my plate and the health shitt we just won’t even talk about that at this point…to fucking pissed off…I was going to write a post about it but…..I am so pissed that I can’t even gather my thoughts…

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