10 thoughts on “Redheads In The Sun

  1. Hey gurl!!!…
    do you crop these pictures to a certain size???…
    so that they all fit???…
    Hugggs n ♥
    And of course I love LOVE these beautiful pictures…so much Christmas colors…Is this place far from you???…

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    • UNM isn’t too far from me, but parking is a bitch. And I refuse to pay to park. Some of the photos are crops and some are not. But when I’m finished cropping (or not), all the photos are then reduced to the same size.

      How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? 🙂

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      • Oh how I to hate to pay for parking ..when we go to Dallas to Baylor where I have to go for me teeth they have a machine that only takes a card debit or credit and spits out a ticket to place in the windshield I think it is almost 10.00 no matter how long you park total rip off…
        Gurl it is kool and dark and of and on rain misery…I want snow if its going to be like this …well I just want snow..as long as we don’t have to get out in and drive with the fucktards that drive faster when it snows or rains…they said over night it’s supposed to freeze so the guys are wrapping the water pipes and setting up another dog pen to get this one we took in a better shelter warmer…so they are outside in this mess n cold..so I decided to make hot coco and make a batch for them when they come in…I love this machine you just add the coco and I use powered milk since you can’t taste the difference and cheaper and put that in and hit on and it stirs it and heats it HOT and just pour out how much you want..usually makes a good 3 good size coffeeeee cups worth of hot coco and of course marshmallows hehe… again love this hot coco machine lol…
        How is the weather there???

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        • Funny, I’m also in the mood for hot chocolate, so I bought a box of Walmart brand for $1. I hope it tastes okay, because I didn’t get any whipped cream. We’ve had some nice weather, but winter is close by. I hope there’s enough snow for a snow woman this year. 🙂

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        • I am about to get my second cup lol…
          kool we can have hot coco together lol…
          I would think it would taste the same but you never know…just like those crackers lol…
          Yes me too I want snow and make snow woman with boobies and men with dick heads or better yet make a shape of a dick in azzholes yards that we know lol

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