15 thoughts on “Spirits In The Sky

        • do you like drinking buttermilk gurl???
          my grandma used to call it sweet milk lol and I would buy her some but I don’t care for it..but in small dose and with a certain chip in them is good..can’t think of the chips name lol…
          I bet that cake is moist…is it done yet???..so I can have a piece right???..lmao

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        • Buttermilk is my luxury this month. I want to make buttermilk pancakes. I didn’t know that people drank it straight. That doesn’t sound very appealing. I had to buy a large container, so I’m looking for other recipes. Maybe pound cake. 🙂

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        • Yeah it’s expensive they do have half gallon but hard to find..
          yuppers my grandma drank it everyday and well moms side of the fucking family that we don’t have anything to do with drinks it too…azzwipes….fuckheads….
          Take a sip small sip lol..at least try it gurl come on do it lol..
          you can make biscuits trying to think of other things that you could make with it…OH I love pound cake too…..Rolls too…

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