Sunset from my bedroom window.




I was just telling someone that I’d go crazy if I didn’t have anyone to talk to. It’s no fun being trapped inside this painful body. This would be a good time to say thanks to the supportive blogging community. I like it here. 🙂

30 thoughts on “If you have no one to lean on, find a tree

  1. You have a much better view from your window than I do.
    Chat away. Too bad we can’t come over for a visit. I just made up some oil, it’s great for pain, and relaxation.

    About the vertigo. It can be caused by something simple as low B12. The sudden dropsies like you described can be from that. Low BP, or blood sugar.
    Mine’s from my ears, or migraines normally.
    If you don’t have rotational, it’s probably not your ears, but it could be. Does it happen when you move your head? Brush your teeth? Get up too fast? Do you feel pressure in your ears?
    Just curious. I’d hate for it to be something easy like B12 and you’re suffering. I can’t absorb B12 by mouth so I have to have shots. It helps that drop feeling, and fatigue.

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    • I think I get enough of foods with B12. I love eggs. The constant pain keeps my BP at a high level, so it’s not low BP. As for blood sugar, I suppose I could be diabetic or something like that. But I don’t think there’s any diabetes in my family. I suppose it could be anemia because I think I’ve been anemic before.

      I guess it happens mostly when I’m just sitting here at my computer, although it’s happened elsewhere. Thing is, I don’t go very many places, so the likelihood of it happening where I spend most of my time doesn’t appear to be important.

      Could be my ears. There’s a lot of pressure there from the TMJ. In fact, the TMJ makes my allergies worse. My head does not like to be anywhere but straight up. It will deal with the pressure of my face against a pillow only because sleep is a necessity. (Sleep, better watch out, I’m coming for you!)

      I still can’t figure out what the smell is. It only lasts for like a second. It’s like a warning for the beginning of an episode. Totally different than a hot flash. Perhaps I should just blame it all on the aliens. Because my brain is so smart, no doubt they’ve been probing it for decades. No wonder it hurts so much. 🙂


      • The smell before sounds like a migraine. You can have that without pain.
        You mention TMJ, now that can cause a heap of problems. Including….vertigo. I sure hate you have to deal with that and so severely.
        Disclaimer. ..you know I’m no doctor. 😆 I might be an alien, but then I’d take credit. 👽

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  2. Hey gurl!!!..
    Love these pictures so pretty ….You have a wonderful view from your bedroom gurl…
    Leaf therapy hehe…
    Gurl I am so happy to have and to call you my friend…I am so happy that we found each other on here ☻ I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain…and that you shared it with all…wish that I could help ya out in any way shape or form ..I would try if I could help you ..meaning you have to move here close to me heheh…yeah, yeah I know you won’t but I can keep wishing lol…it’s hard when you don’t have anyone to speak with and I have to agree with you about this site WP great people on here that I call friends and sisters and such…it does help being on here…again I am glad that you shared with us…I love learning more about you sweet soul gurl…wish it was just as easy saying go fuck off pain and poof it would be gone…but we both know that don’t work so I will continue to look for your cloud therapy and waiting for those other great inventions like the compound where I work in the garden lol and a body suit for heat and cold…and others that we talk about lol…gurl you keep me going ☻☻
    Feel free to lean on me anytime I will carry you if I have to gurl…Imma here for you..
    Hugggggs n ♥

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      • Awww you are so kind to me gurl…thank you…
        yuppers leaf therapy lol…your pictures help…what kind of camera do you use gurl cuz all those pictures you take come out so vivid almost fake like..but I know better its just you can see every detail…I haven’t really gave my phone its a Samsung note 3…I know its an older one I have had it since they came out with a free upgrade and still love it…but I need to play with it more to see what it all does picture wise…since I really haven’t taken many pictures with it just yet…lol…side note…I use my phone until it quits working I don’t get a new one until then…I don’t keep up with the jones hahah…
        gurl you are the one that is awesome in so many ways….but again I thank you for always being so nice n kind to me sister…I look forward to your comments and our chatts n just love those pictures in your blog post and most of all learning more about you…
        So what are you doing for this weekend gurl???…

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        • My camera is a Sony with 20.1 megapixels. (Like I know what that means.) It’s got a pretty good zoom lens, and the reason the colors are so bright is because I mostly use the “pop” setting. (It has like 4 different settings.) I’ve dropped it about 4 times so far and it keeps on clicking. I can’t remember how much it cost, but I think it was something like $80.

          My plan for the weekend is to visit the grocery store. I be hungry. 🙂

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        • lol…I also have no idea what that all means either lol…
          well it and you take wonderful pictures…
          sturdy camera for sure gurl…that is not a bad price for a camera like that and how well it takes pictures…
          Oh yes better half is going to the food store I believe 2morrow …we are out of everything…
          Oh and we are going to decorate the Christmas tree probably on Sunday….I have to straighten out the branches to hide the gaps first lol…I love to food shop but hate to go clothes shopping hate to try on clothes I rather wear hand me downs lol
          So what kind of goodies are you going to buy for the month??? or how ever long you shop for…

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        • I don’t know about any goodies. Gotta re-register my car this month. Just got a bill from the urgent care clinic for my foot. I’m gonna be paying that one off for awhile, and it wasn’t even worth it. I hope you post pics of your Christmas tree. 🙂

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        • I know how that suxs not being able to buy goodies or things you really want…fuck that…gets tired of having the same things for dinner…but thankful to have it…lol…
          Oh shitt I bet that was expensive for your foot…How is your foot feeling these days???…
          I just may do that …take a picture of our tree when it is done… we lost most of our really old ornaments they got broke….
          Are you putting up a lil tree…???..this tree dad has is not that tall…when we get home I want to put a tree in all the big front windows ..I have many fake trees lol but thought it would look kool to have one in front of every front windows of our home…they are huge rooms so I don’t think it would look bad…we will see I hope one day…or shall we sell it all and build a metal home …hmmm…..lol..

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        • That is great news gurl.. ☻☻
          I was wondering how that foot of yours was doing…
          When n if we ever make it back home that is what i am doing with the big windows and even the smaller ones in the corner next to the big one… in each front room and we have 2 front rooms…but for sure i will take a picture of our Christmas tree here…its small and like i said most of our very, very old decorations just got broke so that suxs but we will make do…Dad likes to decorate the tree and i like watching him like a lil kid he is lol…

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