26 thoughts on “Do I have to get up and face the day?

  1. I love ducks. As a kid my mom used t take me down to the riverside park so could feed them. What struck me when I looked at your pics is that I never noticed how goofy looking they are. They’re beautiful at the same time.

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  2. Hey gurl!!!… : )
    I feel ya today has been a damn day lol…
    I love the pictures of those ducks quack, quack…so vibrant colors…
    I have been on your page here since 9:30am is when I click on this to read it and I am now just able to make a comment…reason…I had to bills that I forgot to pay I wrote them in my checkbook and looked at my online account and seen that it still had not gone thru….so I looked and sure enough not paid…so I go to pay it and can’t for the fucking life of me find my debit/credit card so I needless to say I just got done paying the last 2 bills but not before freaking the fuck out..I even emptied out my purse and now cleaning that out..lol..surprise at the shitt that one has in a purse …anyways…
    So what are you going to buy with your pay check gurly gurl???…reminds me we so need to go food shopping …out of everything…even money lol…sucks being fucking poor…I think that I will rob a food store …yup thats my plan…I just want food..that is it..FOOD!!!…
    So are those beautiful quack, quacks near you like a park or something???…
    Huggggs n love ya gurl

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    • All my money goes to rent, food, and bud. This month, I even had to fill my bottled water bottles with tap water. Leaves a film inside your mouth. Yuck.

      These cute-ass ducks live in my apartment complex. Sometimes, they even visit the pool area, right by my apartment. There’s another duck pond on the university campus, but I haven’t posted any of those photos yet.

      Gentle hugs back atchya, Suzy Q. πŸ™‚

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      • I hear ya gurl..it suxs…
        ewwwww a film in your mouth from water what the fuck???!!!…Have you tried a filter of some sort???…
        Oh how kool so you could see them everyday just about…that would be kool if they swam in the pool…
        Kool I can’t wait to see more pictures ☻☻
        I so need gentle hugggs gurl …I hurt fucking bad…I fucked up my good shoulder while sleeping on this piece of shitt bed and pinched a damn nerve or something and I have tried everything to stop this pain but nothing helps its constant can’t get my arm comfy at all and don’t know what to do about it..ice n heat haha yeah done tried that..medication don’t help the pain and I can’t get it to undo its self….fuck!!!…oh and with that my first finger is numb from the nerve so its been fun…lol..
        Huggggs n β™₯

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        • Well, it looks like my shoulder is acting up in sympathy for your shoulder. One of the reasons I don’t sleep very well is because there are so few positions that don’t cause something like that nerve pain and numbness in my shoulder. It wakes me up, that stupid bursitis. Some years ago, I didn’t wake up and most of my arm was numb for like a week. Thankfully, the feeling came back, but that’s some scary shit. πŸ™‚

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        • Oh fuck no gurl!!!… I feel for ya …crazy how this shitt works …fuck bursitis!!! fuck it all to hell…your whole arm damn and to think just my index finger is numb n getting cold but the shoulder arm pain is the worst for me anyways…it just sux since I can’t pick my nose with this finger fucked up!!!!… lol jk
          Oh I had my arm fall asleep one time and it hit me in the face and I freaked the fuck out thinking someone was hitting me when it was my own damn hand…lol..now that is true story….lol…
          I am still waiting for the feeling to come back to my finger n pain to stop on my upper arm and shoulder it has been a week or lil longer and its just getting worse..
          it sure feels scary gurl… : (

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        • Dude, this isn’t a contest for who’s suffering more. We can vent. Venting is good. One day, Big Pharma will make a Venting pill. Not sure what this pill will do, but it sounds like a good idea. πŸ™‚

          And stop picking your nose. Unless you’re alone. Then go to town. πŸ˜€

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        • Oh I know gurly gurl…no contest here.. πŸ™‚
          Yes venting is good and I am glad that you open up more about your pain..and get to know you better…
          my fucking arm is fucking killing me still…I have tried everything even heating pad on and off now and nothing I was up all last night and it is bringing me to tears and nearly thowing the fuck up…grrr…
          I was supposed to go to the dr today but when I called they had a nerve text for today and not my heart so they are going to call me tomorrow for a Thursday appointment they told me with the shape my neck is in not to go to the bone crusher and for the dr to try to work it out..so Thursday can’t come soon enough…I am trying to type but sometimes I am doing it one handed lol…anyways thats my pain day today again…grrr muther fuckers…
          I bet the venting pill has holes hahaha..you know to vent hhaah…
          I don’t pick my nose but when I do I so enjoy it…lmao..JOKING I do not pick my nose I blow it lol…
          So how is your shoulders doing gurl and the rest of you???…
          I am so loving all those therapy that you have and the inventions lol…they do help…

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        • There’s this thing called pressure point massage. Basically, you massage the area around your shoulder and try to find all the knots. When you find a painful area, take a deep breath and put more pressure on it. Hold the pressure for about 5 seconds, then release. Exhale. See if that helps, although it’s hard to reach certain areas around your shoulder. Have your partner work on the area on your back, around the shoulder blade. Some great pressure points in that area. Good luck on Thursday. πŸ™‚

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        • Well I will for try your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..anything to help..I try rubbing on my arm where it feels like its cramping or hurting even dad and nothing seems to help it…but for sure going to try what you said…
          Oh FUCK Thursday…the lady was and promised me she was going to call me today to make sure of the right test…and still as I type this no phone call…and I need this heart test and an ok from the dr to get my gurly parts fixed…I would like to get this done before the end of December at the latest…I really don’t want to be down for Christmas and New years…not that we go out on New years but want this behind me gurl…but I thank you so much for asking…β™₯

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