I finally scrubbed my toilet, thank you very much. I even thought about scrubbing my floors, but decided to make spaghetti sauce instead. (Can you smell the garlic?) It’s been a good day because of good bud. I hope your day was full of whatever helps you survive. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Southern Belle In Black And White

      • Mostly hybrids and indicas. At night I totally medicate with an edible for sustained effect, and a heavy indica vaped at bedtime and as needed if awakened by pain/spasm, which is mostly avoided if I take something orally. In the daytime I use a sativa-leaning strain so that I can function! Today I had to drive, so no medicine until I got home.

        If I use a straight sativa I get good pain relief but too paranoid and speedy 😕.

        How about you?

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        • Well, I don’t get much of a choice, but I try to stick to indicas. I’ve rarely had a sativa that was strong enough for me, but my experience is limited. Seems like most strains these days are some kind of hybrid, but it’s not like I see test results or anything.

          I was just reading some research about weed and different medical conditions. Mostly the article talked about how weed is an exit drug, and how people were using it to stop taking other, stronger drugs. But it also said that weed didn’t really help those with bipolar and schizophrenia. And I’m like, really?

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