Approved by the people, not the FDA

“If you looked at all the studies, what you came to learn was that most of the studies were designed to look for harm, as opposed to designed to look for benefit. 94% of the studies over a 5-year period were actually designed to look for harm as opposed to benefit, so the whole system was sort of looking for that harm as opposed to saying that this could be a legitimate medicine.”  Dr. Sanjay Gupta

“This is the only substance that has been sort of approved by the people, not the FDA.”

Everyone who suffers from chronic pain should have access to cannabis. Affordable and quality cannabis. Dr. Gupta says it’s immoral to deny patients this medicine, but I think it’s just plain cruel.

6 thoughts on “Approved by the people, not the FDA

  1. I’m glad Sanjay has the balls to stand up for what is right and true. A voice of reason is desperately needed in the medical community. Unfortunately, Dr. Gupta is considered to be a “TV doctor,” which he is, but he’s into real medicine despite having a charming and popular persona.

    The out of control resistance from mainstream medicine is a backward sort of indication that we’ve got it right. Their backlash speaks volumes. Opioid prescribing in states where cannabis is legal had dropped by 25%. That in itself speaks volumes.

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