I have a confession to make…


Sometimes I bake rolls just because I love the smell of yeast.


Smells like the holidays.


And sometimes I bake yeast rolls just so I can have something to put butter on.


It’s not like you can eat butter with a spoon, although there is such a thing as fried butter.


Those green flakes are fresh parsley.


I love parsley…


But not as much as I love butter. To Butter! We love ya! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Can You Smell That?

    • I’m tired of all you gluten freaks ruining my fun. 🙂 It’s not like you don’t have any other options. Heck, even Walmart has gluten-free food. Have you tried gluten-free flour? How was it?


      • The problem is that it’s gluten that gives bread its stretchiness. GF bread is OK, if that’s all there is, but it doesn’t have that wonderful mouth feel of real bread, and you can’t make things like rolls that pull apart, because it always has sort of a muffin texture to it. Glutino has somehow managed a very decent English muffin that has a good texture, but it sure ain’t Bay’s. Cakes and cookies come out fine, and if you like your brownies gooey, rice flour makes the gooiest! Of course nut flours make delicious pie crusts and cookies, and I fix them up with some other additions like tapioca starch and baking powder and xanthan gum to provide extra body and crunch.

        But nothing beats wheat, spelt, barley, and rye 😕

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