When Trump is a cucumber…

And terrified cats are half of America. We saw it. We smelled it. We’re scared of it.

#Grabembythecucumber 🙂


6 thoughts on “When Trump is a cucumber…

    • I can’t complain (too much). I’ve been trying to fight off a pain storm for weeks, but it keeps lingering… My head feels like it weighs 100 pounds. Pretty soon, I’ll be walking bent over, like I’m 120 years old. But I had dessert for breakfast, so that’s something. 🙂

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      • Awww gurl …
        I hate that you are in so much pain and feel this way : ( wish I could help ya out…
        you and your desserts lol..you should make a cookbook of desserts gurl…at least you had something to eat even if it is cake or what have you lol…better than nothing ; ) I just had an early dinner lol really early …had bacon and eggs and biscuits yeah my heart dr is going to kill me ..bad suzette I know…I think I ate better when I didn’t know how high my shitt was…

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        • I miss bacon, just like I miss bubble gum. I found out the other day that they make bubble gum flavoring for cakes, isn’t that great? Well, I just looked it up, and they make bacon extract, too. Of course, you can only get this stuff on Amazon, not at your local store. After I move to Colorado and experiment with cannabutter, I’ll think about making a cookbook. Instead of paying money for the cookbook, I’ll ask for bubble gum and bacon extracts. 🙂

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        • Yeah we don’t usually have bacon and if we do its the cheapest kind lol..
          what!!!…bubble gum now I think I would like that I will have to tell better half to look out for it hehehe….
          omg no way bacon extract ummm hmmm idk lol..of course amazon I used to watch movies on it lol…may get it back and some others and stop this directv high paying shitt once we get home I hope…damn I miss home but needs work and shitt and u know low funds shitt …
          oh gurl you should especially a cookbook about weed…and its butter I had a book damn can not think of its name well I lent it to a friend and never got it back but it had how to make things with the oil in the back lol…
          there you go gurl just give me the good ol stuff that will pay for itself in trade lol…your mind is amazing gurly gurl…lol…
          How about bubble gum flavor bacon??? hmm they probably have it already huh….

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