26 thoughts on “Remember the 80s?

      • Aww gurl thanks for asking…thought about blogging about it ..don’t know just yet lolol
        Just had some scary times they had to take 2 biopsy from my uterus and a mammogram shows calcification in my left breast …but just found out yesterday that all is ok… : ) the dr wants to do an ablashion not sure how to spell that lol its for bleeding all the time and getting my ovaries out n burnt to a crisp and shredded… but my regular dr did a bunch of test and my cholesterol is thru the roof and so he put me on medication for that like better half told him I don’t eat a lot of bad food but not as healthy as I should lol but it’s in the genes I guess …and I had to have an ekg done as a routine check up yearly from him and it showed a bunch of shitt going on palpitations irregular heart beat and more shitt I knew this since I could feel it I just hadn’t said anything but he caught it and had to wear a monitor for 24 hours …so fucking fun…I will return it Monday but I have to get cleared before the obgyn will do her shitt..so I am fucked right now lol…he did bunch other labs and test but still waiting on some…been getting bad news ever since he ordered all this testing lol he said that my other dr in Dallas should have been catching all this ..lol but we all know how they can be…fuckheads….

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        • Awww thank you so, so much Lisa I really appreciate you asking and hugggs…I sure will…they were looking for cancer since it runs high on both sides of my family…my grandma had both colon and breast cancer and my cousin on the same side of the family had breast cancer and on my dads side some form of cancer I can’t remember who or what type so I have been stressing big time that is the reason I haven’t posted anything new in awhile lol..I have been here just trying to read blogs and trying to keep my mind off of this…
          Thank you again for your kind words and again hugggs gurly grul…

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        • YES!!!…the waiting was the hardest for sure …but all looks ok so far ..now just waiting on my heart to figure out what is causing more palps …always had some kind of problem ..was born with a murmur n hole and just kept getting worse so many years and now acting up..premature heartbeats …I blame it on being born at 7 month old and most of childhood sick in hospital ..I only weighed 3 pounds …so I blame a lot on that and well fucking lupus and other health shitt…but Imma hanging in there ..

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        • Aww thank you Lisa…I wonder at times when I am stuck in bed I don’t feel very strong lol than other times I feel like hey I am up and able to do things maybe not like I used to I am still not able to to anything like clean or cook like I like to do but I am hanging in there lol…Thank you for saying that you made my day : ) make me want to push harder…my drs wonder how I handle it all lol they always say I don’t know how you do it…I say the same thing I do my best and I have a great man and dad so that helps…blessed…
          I am religious I just do not go to church I don’t like organized religion if that makes sense lol…I take a lil of this religion and that one and I read my bible everyday I believe in God and that he died for us…I have a great everyday book that I read I love it!!! it’s for the whole year on the teaching of the bible…I know you probably fell out of your chair thinking how can this gurl that likes to say the F word and all lol..but that is just me …I appreciate and welcome your prayers I believe in them very.very much so…I have an aunt that is a nun if you can believe that lol..all her life serving God…she sends me rosery so I have a lil collection …one that I got while I was in the hospital that glows in the dark ..really kool..so gurl I do welcome your prayers like I said above ..I do not mind one bit n welcome them..the power of prayer is powerful for sure…You are such a sweet heart gurl ..thank you!!!…
          So how are you doing these days???…

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        • I understand the whole organized religion thing. I pray and believe but I don’t go to church anymore. Some of the worst people I’ve come across in life are religious…it does not make sense! It just depends on a person’s character. I’m alive! It’s been hard not working but I’m looking for a job. I even had an interview yesterday. I’m not that thrilled with the job. The interview didn’t last longer than 5 minutes so I don’t know. Lol.

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    • When I was young, I asked for and received a Barbie head for Christmas. For some reason, I wanted to be a hair stylist. Barbie’s head had hair that grew, so you could make all sorts of hairstyles. It wasn’t long before I gave Barbie’s head a haircut… and then another… until she was pretty much bald. 🙂

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      • Lol. I had this Barbie with long, pink krimped hair. Her hair would grow if you moved her arm down. I even had a Michael Jackson one. Lol. I liked to dress them up in different outfits.

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