I blame religion

Democrats have been sliding right for decades. Instead of joining Democrats in the middle, Republicans ran to the far right. And now we have President Donald Drumpf.

Pundits will place blame for Hillary’s loss on things like fear, anger, and apathy. I’m sure there are a myriad of reasons that America voted for a racist, homophobic misogynist.

Some say that women voters were the reason that Obama became president. Some say it was black people who put him in office. Now it appears that men, as a voting block, are the reason that Trump is now president. But, there’s more to the story than that…

A large majority of Republican women voted for Trump. Does that mean these women are ignorant? (Like, do any of them even know who Angela Merkel is? Do any of them believe that a woman can be president?) Does it mean that party affiliation is stronger than common sense? Why would any woman vote for someone like Trump?

Chelsea Handler: The only person with more respect for women than Donald Trump is Bill Cosby.
7:57 PM – 19 Oct 2016

I’ll tell you why: religion. If you think about the divisions between Democrats and Republicans, all of them can be traced back to religious beliefs. The only groups that Americans dislike more than atheists are Muslims and Mexicans.

Funny thing is, I think Trump is an atheist, not that he’d ever admit it. He will always worship money and power over anything else. And perhaps that says more about the Republican party than anything else. It’s all about the worship of money. Not that the Democrats are any different.

Yes, the Republican party is full of racists and bigots, but it’s also full of people who don’t believe in science. People who believe more in their own religion than in the facts. Hypocrites who say they believe in individual rights, but not the right to smoke pot or the right to die. These people are now in power with no one to stop them…

Dude, that’s some scary shit.

The only thing I’m wondering right now is which group Trump will pick to shit on first. Is he coming for Mexicans or Medicare? Women’s or gay rights? Republicans voted him in, but will they have any control over him? (My stomach hurts.)

Donald Trump was declared the winner around 1am. He said in his victory speech that it’s time for us to become “united.” How long has he spent trying to divide us? That’s what you call hypocrisy at it’s finest.

I live in a state that voted for Hillary, but if I lived in a Trump state, I’d be looking suspiciously at my neighbors. Which one of them voted this asshole into the highest office in the land?

To everyone who doesn’t live in America, from this very sad American:  I’m so sorry.


I can understand how news like this might trigger someone who is depressed into thinking about suicide. If you’re thinking about suicide, please click on the candle widget on the right side of your screen.

Thanks for listening, everyone. 🙂

26 thoughts on “I blame religion

  1. FFS – FTS. Decipher those acronyms how you see fit. At least the people of NM weren’t…duped (thinking of an adjective to describe the group of people who made this result possible without being offensive is difficult)? I’m sad, but not at all surprised. I fell into a nice little depression after GWB was elected both times. This time, though, I feel like watching the movie Idiocracy….and then slipping into a coma for the next four years. Wake me up in 2020?

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  2. Hillary used kiddy fiddler to get the women who tried to steal children from Haiti out of jail. Her foundation stole all the money from Haiti fund, 2% went to Haiti, she does deals with Goldman Sachs, she hired detectives to scare Bills victims into silence, women, she left herself open to blackmail by having state secrets on a personal server, treason, she rigged the system to beat Bernie Sanders so was not legitimate candidate, she committed perjury in front of congress, USA soldiers died in Benghazi under illegal deals Hillary was responsible, the mainstream media control all info hence the false polls that suggested she was in front, why am I only one with this info, tho I am not, it is all over the net, not a Trump fan, would have voted for Bernie Sanders, but hey, Hillary cheated him and it has bit her back. She had no grace to come out and thank her people,


    • Hard to believe that you’re standing up for Trump. But I guess you feel like a lot of people who voted for Trump: they absolutely hate Hillary. Funny, that’s how people who voted against Obama felt — they hated him then and they still hate him today. What has he done to deserve this enormous amount of hatred — except be black and a Democrat?

      Hillary may not be anywhere close to Bernie, but between her and Trump, there is no comparison. If Trump had been a politician for as long as Hillary, he would’ve wracked up as many “sins” as you’ve listed for Hillary. And I could make an even longer list of all the good things she has done, tho you don’t seem to know anything about them, even tho the info is all over the net, easily found for those who look.

      Trump cares nothing about other people, even his family. He only cares about himself. I don’t think you believe that Trump would make a better leader than Hillary, because that just doesn’t make any sense. But it sounds like to me that this is more about revenge and hate rather than who is more qualified for the job.

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      • Could be, but I think my main issue is this, the American dollar has been inflated so much recently that other countries are beginning to work with each other without the dollar, which will be disastrous for American people. The bubble will burst soon and turn USA into a third world country as the dollar is nearly worthless, its checkable, the only way a crisis can be diverted for USA is to create a big war, also checkable. The elite are already pushing hard for this, Ukraine, cia ops have begun to destabilise the region, Syria, Russia on legal invitation are engaged in helping Assad, USA are funding Al Nusra to topple the regime, knowing they are terrorists, close to conflict with Russia again, then they are asking UN, puppets to create more bases on the Russian border, clear sign of threat, so on 3 fronts USA are pushing Russia, why? they want nuclear conflict, Putin addressed media and could not understand how americans do not know how close this war is, media are not reporting truth. USA have 100 bases outside home Russia have 3. The anti Russian rhetoric is being cranked up so something is coming, but what have they really done? Hillary would have carried on Obamas work in starting this war, Obama by the way has been involved in 7 wars, most illegal, puppet of elite, as is Hillary. Trump is anti establishment and has said he wants to work with Putin which we should all be grateful for, that is my main argument, my second is that Hillary rigged the democratic vote, why should she be allowed after that, also she has stolen all the money sent to help Haiti, and then has involvement in helping the women arrested trying to take ten kids out of Haiti illegally, why?, she hired a convicted peaedo as lawyer to get them free, she also visits Jeffrey Eppsteins island, why? He took a plea deal but was caught running a kids abuse setup, his island is known to have underage kids and rich and famous visit using an airline they call “the lollita express” Bill and Hillary go separately and together, and lastly for a woman that attacked Trump for his abuse of women this takes the piss, she hired detectives to harass scare threaten and victimise several women that accused her husband of molesting them, so much for the womens vote. I don’t know how she is not in jail and think it is disgusting that she may not be charged because she is protected by the system that wont let us smoke weed in peace. That is my main beef with Hillary, the nuclear threat that seems to have been averted, the media who don’t tell us the truth, the Dakota pipeline where thousands protest to try and save the planet gets no airplay by the media, WHY NOT! Who do they work for? Rant over, lol


  3. Thank you for writing pretty much exactly what I have been feeling, ever since midnight when I did the math and saw there was no way Hillary could ever make up the electoral votes she needed to win (it was like, 255/190 at the time). I am a bit heartened that she actually did win the popular vote by several tenths. I wish there was a mechanism for calling for a revote based on electoral/popular discrepancy.

    I can’t fathom what this nefarious bastard, who knows little more than how to run the bankruptcy game to avoid paying taxes on his ill-gotten billions, will possibly accomplish in the White House (besides letting Melania paper the West Wing in gold leaf so it will be more sleazy and she’ll feel at home).

    The Arab language news is all agog with glee. They are jumping for joy that America will be ruined as a nation and as a “superpower,” no worries.

    Colorado in the spring for me. Six plants is plenty.

    Oh, and depressed? Yes, very. And very anxious. But my policy is not to consider suicide over politics or predators. It feeds their power. My soul is reserved for peaceful purposes only.

    Blessings, my friend. We will hang on for this ride. If nothing else, it will be interesting.

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    • I noticed that the number of people who vote every four years peaked in 2008 and has gone downhill ever since. Something like 15 million people didn’t vote this time compared to 2012.

      Do you think this is how Hitler started? With half of Germans supporting him and the other half scared out of their wits? I don’t think the Democrats are prepared for this kind of fight. When Republicans took over most of the state governments, Democrats just looked bewildered. Too bad we don’t have a political party created and run by women.

      I can’t figure out how to save enough money to make the move to Colorado. I do the numbers in my head all the time, but I’m not a magician. I fear I may never make it there…

      Well, at least weed won. Unfortunately, at this moment in time, even that doesn’t make me feel any better. I went to Walgreens this morning and everyone was acting like it was just another day. It really does feel like we’re in the Twilight Zone.

      Turns out, I’m allowed to have visitors in the Twilight Zone, so if you want to swing by the Q on your way to Colorado, give me some notice so I can bake something for you. 🙂


      • I don’t get how Hillary has committed so much crime yet still people think she was a fit candidate. Trump is playing on fears of the common man and I think, the people who have been suffering under Obama may have voted. He is pretty shocking as a candidate but look what he was up against. It was easy for him because even though the media don’t tell us a lot of people know the truth on Hillary, not just rumours but horrible facts, she was against women children poor people, and even had earpieces in the debates, just a down right cheat. Dems are sorry now they let her swindle the democratic nomination, cheating in broad daylight, the woman blamed and sacked for rigging the vote was picked up by Hillary and given a job so does that not count? I don’t get how she should be allowed to be so bad and still be allowed to run. She never came out and thanked her voters cos she does not care about anything but herself and her wealth. Have a nice weekend by the way, peace


        • Hillary has never been against women, children, or the poor. If you really want to learn about Hillary, then take the time to watch this documentary:


          It’s easy to read something and take it as fact. It’s easy to think that your thoughts are true, but that’s not always the case. After Jamie Dimon, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney are behind bars, we can talk more about Hillary’s alleged crimes.

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        • Trump has brought people to the streets in unity, all rooting for the common man, and woman, poor people, immigrants, in a way that Hillary never would have, some things happen for a reason, if the people stay strong, Trump will listen, it happened and is happening, change may have been needed and the people are now awake to the bs


        • Trump’s election has also caused a substantial increase in hate crimes and abuse of minorities and women. His win has caused days of peaceful protesting, declaring that love trumps hate. The BS that people have been awoken to is their own prejudice, fear, and anger. Trump spread racism, homophobia, and misogyny to win this race. And because he didn’t win the popular vote, I still have faith that Americans don’t want to live in his kind of country.

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        • Obviously the American people do not want Trump, but when the system becomes so corrupt, these things will happen, and the people will stick together to keep him in line, at least every one is now out protesting the corruption, it has gone from sly corruption to blatant corruption. Americans have become so blasé they need to actually see the corruption before they act. People have been saying for years the system is racist, now you got Trump they “know” its racist

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        • How could Americans not know about corruption? I can’t be sure, but I think we invented it. Corruption has always been around, since the dawn of time. In nature, corruption isn’t purposeful, but with humans, it’s about intent. This election was not about corruption. Or should I say, every election is about corruption.


  4. Does it not matter about the cheating, criminality, and bare faced lies? Do we allow anything to go unpunished because we do like one person over another? I still struggle to understand the logic and also my heart struggles to believe that truth. No one person is above the law, thousands in America go to jail every year for much less than Hillaries crimes. Punished by the same system she helps govern, it is obvious that people are fed up of being screwed, they probably all hate Trump, I am not a fan, but you do not get a chance for a third choice anymore.


    • Trump is a scam artist. That’s a fact. He ripped off thousands, if not millions, of people before he ran for president. Now, I’m sure there are plenty of scam artists who’ve changed their ways, but I doubt there are more than a handful (out of 7 billion people) who changed when they were 70 years old.

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