This is for my friend, Elizabeth, who lives in beautiful Salzburg, Austria, home of the Sound of Music. 🙂












When I was young, my mother used to sing me a song about the moon. Actually, it was kinda of a scary song… about a man with a big shotgun… It went something like this:

5 thoughts on “We All Gaze At The Same Moon

  1. I’m feeling it emotionally and physically. Hearing a lot about medical cannibas. Got totally rejected by a guy who asked me to write about him and his lawsuit and then flipped into the reverse. It hurts so badly.

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    • Try not to let other people hurt you. Only you can really hurt you. What you see as a disappointment and lost opportunity could actually be the potential for something else to come into your life. 🙂


  2. digging the song … which I’ll be humming all day now lol … thanks …
    and that moon … thats the ‘moon in the sky during the day’ moon ay … can’t remember what its technically called … but it is my fav 🙂 Our tides usually roar when this moon hits the sky 🙂

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