I don’t ever want to be treated by a Catholic hospital

While I remain disappointed in John Oliver’s take on the opioid war, I’m happy to say that Samantha Bee has never disappointed me. Her latest episode on the scary amount of mergers in the Catholic hospital system is something that also concerns me. But not because I’m personally concerned about reproductive healthcare — it’s end-of-life care that I’m worried about.

Under comments:

Sandra Nelson:  As a former Catholic, I say this segment should be broadcast to all females everywhere. The Church has spent a couple thousand years hating women. They just keep getting better at it. Buying up all those hospitals means that they have plenty of opportunity to cause as much devastation and agony for women as they possibly can. Ladies, wherever you live, find out where the nearest SECULAR medical facility is. Make sure your family and your doctor know that you will NOT allow yourself to be taken to a misogynistic emporium of misery masquerading as a hospital.

Michael Bamford:  How is it that more people don’t find it absurd that most of the time it’s men who make legal decisions and legislation about women’s rights? The Hobby Lobby supreme court case is a perfect example. ALL of the women on the court were in the dissenting opinion for that case because they actually realize the depth of liberty that’s being put in the hands of people who have no understanding of the issue. We need more female leaders.

Barry Kaine:  Couple of things… it seems like denial of aid by a medical doctor is a major violation of their Hippocratic oath, and a non-profit organization denying help based on religion is discrimination, and should cause them to lose their non-profit, tax exempt status.

Jessica Lee: And their federal funding.

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