In my search terms (Lyrica)

“How much pregabalin is needed to kill me?”

Is this a question about Lyrica or suicide? Unfortunately, I cannot reach out to the person who asked this question. But it made me curious as to whether someone can overdose on Lyrica.

Lyrica Overdose

Although it is not considered possible to fatally overdose on Lyrica, it is still possible to cause damage to one’s body and mind by taking more Lyrica than is prescribed or necessary. The symptoms of overdosing on Lyrica include:

Excessive mood changes
Increased confusion

Symptoms of Lyrica Withdrawal

The symptoms of withdrawing from Lyrica are similar to symptoms of withdrawals from benzodiazepines and other classified drugs. These symptoms include seizures, insomnia, nausea, headaches, and diarrhea…

This website has a list of reported adverse reactions to Lyrica:

Rated Lyrica for Peripheral Neuropathy Report

(10/17/2016) Been on this med for a couple of years. Gradually increased the dose from 25mg three times a day to 150 mg three times a day. I would say that yes it is helpful with nerve pain. But, I have gained 30 lbs, just like the dr said I would. I am so forgetful these days, and sometimes cannot speak clearly or in a fluent manner. Its tough. It has helped with sleep for sure. I would caution going cold-turkey. I steady and slow taper would be best,…as there have been times when I go without and have the most awful withdrawal symptoms. I have been through benzo and opiate withdrawal and this one takes the cake for sure. As a chronic pain patient I have benefited from this med. But I am worried on how much I depend on it now.

Rated Lyrica for Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) Report

(8/23/2016) I was on Lyrica 600mg daily for 4 years. 4 years of absolute hell. took me six months to get off the drug, six months later I’m still nauseous, lightheaded and suicidal. this drug is a nightmare that offered no relief from pain.

6 thoughts on “In my search terms (Lyrica)

  1. WTF!!! Thanks for this post Painkills2! I’m taking Lyrica for my sciatica. Doc put me BAM onto 75mg twice a day. I can cofirm all the above side effects experienced when taking the drug. Yes it helps with nerve pain but so does coedine. I know the dangers of coedine addiction so take it sparingly. I don’t take Lyrica every day because I am bipolar and worry how it will affect my other meds. Hearing about the withdrawal symptoms are an absolute gift because I’ve been through venlafaxine withdrawal which is likened to heroin withdrawal. It was pure hell and I don’t ever want to have to go through a withdrawal like that again. Now I have this knowledge I will take this med with far more caution to avoid any withdrawal. Being bipolar, I also explored the possibility of death through overdose and, as you have advised, it is not a sure thing at all. There is greater likelihood of organ damage which would compound any problem your reader is already struggling with. I would encourage your reader to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Death does not have to be a solution. There are many resources and therapies out there to help in any life crisis. To your reader, I say take care, you are stronger than you think, please seek medical help. And Painkills2, an illuminating and thoroughly practical article. Thank you:)

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    • I think there’s a difference between the dangers of painkillers (like codeine) and antidepressants and antiseizure drugs, like Lyrica. I think drugs like Lyrica make changes to the brain that don’t happen with painkillers. Even experts aren’t sure how Lyrica really works and what the long-term side effects may be.

      The problem with being “addicted” to painkillers is that you won’t always have access to them, unlike antidepressants and antiepileptics, which are prescribed like candy. I think these drugs can also have a different effect on women than on men, which is never really talked about.

      Still, many patients have success with Lyrica and antidepressants, just not as many as their manufacturers would like us to believe. As long as you know both the risks and benefits, you should be fine. 🙂

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  2. Yikes. I was put on Lyrica years ago and my doc took me off after I too gained 30 pounds. I blamed some of the crazy withdrawal and mood swings on his choice to try “every antidepressant to help my pain” ( UGH!!!!) but maybe this was a player in that too.

    It all definitely makes me fight harder against Lyrica, Neurontin, and ANY ssri, snri or ssnri! No way are they giving me that crap!

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    • I’ve tried almost every antidepressant, along with Neurontin. Some of them made me sad. None of them worked for pain. But they do work for some pain patients. I’m one of those people who was willing to try anything, but not anymore.

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      • Me too. I jumped through all their hoops, tried all the antidepressants, played all their games. Lest I be deemed a “difficult patient”. But no more. The only thing any of those did was make me feel crazy, gain weight, or be afraid to be more than 10 feet from my bathroom!

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