12 thoughts on “Hang On, Dude

  1. Well gurl…Just getting home from yet another Dr appointment I am thankful that this Dr is on top of things and ordering things that should have been done every 6 months(he also taken over my lupus/ra)also he is upset with her for not keeping/doing her job with my health being the way it is… so he is running me thru the mill lol…I have to have even more testing 2morrow at the hospital …I am also going to the Dr on Wednesday to my obgyn for a biopsy of my uterus/cervix so not fun…I haven’t said anything to family or anyone on here just you my gurly gurl lol…trying to understand it all myself…scary/worried…but anyways it is nice to come home and get on here and see your wonderful pictures …they make me smile and feel like everything is going to turn out ok..a glimpse of hope if you will…So thank you gurly gurl…
    Seen a picture on that cheesecake but was leaving so I couldn’t comment DAMN IT I WANT AND NEED TO MAKE IT…LOOKS AMAZING..Oh and I don’t believe in diets lololol

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