Thanks to The Honking Goose for posting this Funny or Die video. It’s hilarious.

“And now the FDA has approved yelling fuck for election relief.”

“Yelling fuck is covered by Obamacare.” 😀



15 thoughts on “Fuckinephrine

      • awww thank you gurly gurl…I will always take and appreciate them from you…
        You have always treated me with kindness and warmth from your heart since day one of me joining WP …and of course you make me smile and laugh and always here for me…
        Huggggs back to such a wonderful gurl… ☻

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        • I hope its the blushing and not the hot flashes lmfao omg gurl lololol…you fucking crack me up…Well at least my hormone levels were ok so no hot flashes here but I fluctuate hot n cold..like you said the wonders of having women parts…lol..just take them all out I say…

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        • I’ve been very irritated lately by the weight of my breasts. And they’re not even that big. Just two small jugs of fat, always in my way. Instead, would something big and heavy between my legs be an improvement? I just don’t know. 😀

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