The giddiness of an insomniac

I’m sure you think that weed would help a person sleep, but no, not for me. Nothing helps me fall sleep. Nothing keeps me asleep. And when I can’t even catch an hour’s worth of this valuable commodity, the exhaustion turns into a little bit of giddiness (dizziness).

But I don’t expect cannabis to treat all of the symptoms of my intractable pain, so please don’t think that I’m dissing my favorite bud. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to find an awesome strain. It was called G13 — or so I was told, but you never know. It’s so enormously frustrating to come across a strain this good,ย only to have it for such a short time, with no way to get more.

So, even though cannabis doesn’t help me sleep, it’sย always worth a meme post…


The name’s Jane. Mary Jane. ๐Ÿ™‚





marijuana humor






Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “The giddiness of an insomniac

  1. Hehehe! Good pics. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry you have to deal with insomnia too. Nothing helps me as well, I haven’t tried weed yet though (I get too paranoid). Hope you are able to catch some Zzzz’s soon!

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  2. LOL. I love the “James Bong” one. Sleep…those little slices of death have eluded me in the past and still sometimes. I tool sleeping pills for years and even they didn’t always work. I knew it wasn’t healthy to take them but I sometimes thought I would literally die if I didn’t get some sleep.

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  3. I’ve been wanting to toke a time or two for anxiety, but my pdoc won’t prescribe it for me. I could go to a fly by night doctor, but I just deal with it for now.

    Love the meme about if we all smoked a joint at the same time. Very true.

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    • From my perspective, cannabis is better for mood than for pain. Whether we suffer from emotional or physical pain, it affects our mood. And no one likes to be in a bad mood. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Like paws2smile said in a comment above, one of the side effects can be paranoia. It seems like you should be careful when using cannabis to treat anxiety, if you ever get to try it for that purpose. On the other hand, it also seems like most people get the side effect of paranoia because of the drug’s illegality (and strong smell).

      Does your doctor say why he/she won’t prescribe it for you? Maybe it’s a fear of an interaction with one of your other medications, or maybe it’s just ignorance. Doctors don’t know anything about cannabis — only Big Pharma drugs — and I’ve read that some are hesitant to prescribe it because of that. What’s the right dosage? What’s the right strain? At this point, only patients can answer those questions.


      • He and I have talked about it, but I don’t think he’s ever told me why. I think he usually just changes the subject. lol. I think the real problem is that he’s on staff with the county department of mental health. My guess is that despite it being legal in California for medicinal purposes, there’s likely still stigma within the government agencies.

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