19 thoughts on “Behind every green ball is a yellow flower

        • I understand and feel that too gurl..
          I have no one to hang out even if I could lol..
          They like drama ..I don’t …and the two that are mainly kool one works and goes straight home and stays and the other well her and her husband always loud n fight lolol but make up lol…the others well….they think I am a crazy bitch since I stand up for myself and ones I love and well they haven’t seen crazy lol..hell I got the papers to prove hahah ….
          see this is why you need to move here lol..I know..I know…I have a feeling if you did that I would gain weight like crazy since you make all the foods I love and well that assuming you offer me some : )
          I know it sucks …We truly find out who are friends are or were and most just use for the needs of them and I am so sick of it…

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        • You wouldn’t gain weight because I would drag you along on my walks. Took my first walk today since I hurt my foot. And now my foot hurts even worse. But I did find some purple flowers. 🙂

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        • Gurl you wouldn’t have to drag me I would want to take a walk and take beautiful pictures of the things you see…It’s has been pretty nice here with temps and all..I would enjoy a walk but gurl I have so much that needs to be done in this house and our home…overwhelmed to say the least and dad took moms boxes of clothes and put them in the extra room we have here and opened them all up and brought everything from the barn yes more boxes that I have to go thru…and the house needs to be spring or fall cleaned lol and I need to go thru all the file folders and shred old bills to make room …and I feel like this…we have a lot on our plate like everyone else I am sure but …where in the hell to start since when I clean I go from top to bottom the walls everything nick pick it all ..I can not do half azz…then the everyday paper work n bills and things…ok you get the point lolol…
          Oh purple flowers …I love how colorful and bright you pictures turn out..I enjoy so much..
          your foot…>?? WHO DID YOU KICK THE SHITTERS OUT OF??? damn I feel for you sunshine….

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        • How is my gurly gurl doing this Sunday???
          How is that fucked up foot of urs doing??? I hope better gurl…
          Just thinking of you and haven’t been on…Been getting things cleaned and thrown out and donated and selling and shitters lol…and by the time I get done going thru things all day here at dad home and eat dinner I am ready for bed and back up at 4ish and back at it…lol… while the guys work on our home..but I am just about done going thru all that is here at dads and then I will head over to our home this week if able since lot of dr appts labs and other test this dr wants done..and dad has a few appts as well so prob not much work lolol since the appts are almost every other day lol…
          So anyways tell me what is new with you gurly gurl??? chicka lolol
          Huggs n love to you

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        • My foot is getting better, thanks for asking, dude. Nothing new here. I ran out of money in the first week of this month, so I’m just waiting around for next month. I used the last of my cream cheese to make another chocolate cheesecake, but this time, instead of a graham cracker crust, I created my own. I used a recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars as the crust. Delish!

          Have fun seeing all your doctors. Ask them if they realize that doctors will become obsolete in the future. Then tell them that you’ve decided to be treated by an Indian Medicine Woman. 🙂

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        • Aww glad to hear about your foot my gurl….
          I hate running out of money after paying bills and just the basic bills no credit cards nothing..left with nothing…so I can relate to that…
          omg I so need to try that…you could send a piece of it cod to my place lololol…wow that is a great idea omg I so want one now..with what you added as the crust omg gurl you are fucking killing me with this food talk..I have chocolate ice cream…lol..
          well I just see a new one on Wednesday an obgyn time to be put up on the rack as my better half would say lol..past time and I want to get tubes cut blown or sterilization or fuck I do not care what ..I just do not want to have bratts I mean kids lol I have a daughter that is another story tho..she lives with her husband has 2 kids just had her 2nd and well that is that…but back at the obgyn I just want to get that shitt taking care of gurl I do not need to get preggers and well no privacy here well that has been a great deal of protection from that not happening lol..so just that dr for me and bunch of labs at the hospital oh and a trip to Dallas to Baylor dental school for my teeth(wish me luck on them taking me on as a student to get them fixed or what ever needs to be done) I need luck gurl for that…
          So I cut out 2 drs in my life that was a blessing gurl..Oh I went off 2 medications one that I was taking from my lupus dr that she would not let me go off of even tho I told her that with the history of cancer in my family and that medication can cause cancer and it just didn’t help my joint pain..well the old bitch pain dr westergaard lowered my dose on the pain patch then she got to a lower dose and then I just wore it here and there to ween me off myself since I had a feeling she was going to do what she did ..either way I feel better with those two less drugs in my system..Like a new person…I often wonder with certain pain medications if they can make your pain worse while they are suppose to help?????have you ever heard of anything like this??
          anyways gurl I am telling you I have been feeling tons better still in pain of course but I only take one pain medication now and bc powder lol..and try to deal with it the best I can…I have been actually living I have been so busy bustin my azz going thru boxes of moms clothes and what my daughter left here and all kinds of stuff I can actually do things unlike being so sick in bed…I know I am starting to get a lupus flare on my face but we will see where that leads lol..I am just happy to at least have a break from what has been going on for to damn long gurl…I just hope it last….it just feels like I am living again…
          Oh I would so let you treat me gurl over any dr lol…I rather take natural things than a RX any day of the week… and I heard that you are one hell of a medicine woman ☻♥ and don’t forget the cloud therapy too lolol…oh and musik ..been playing a lot of that lol…
          so when are you going to send me a piece of that ???? should I hold my breath or not??lol…

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        • “I often wonder with certain pain medications if they can make your pain worse while they are suppose to help?????have you ever heard of anything like this??”

          I think some pain medications can make you feel worse, especially if you have a sensitivity to them or they’re interacting with other medications. And too high of a dose can make you not care about anything. It’s so difficult to find the right dose, one that will allow you to be active and keep your pain levels stable without too many side effects. There’s also something called hyperalgesia, but it’s pretty rare, if it even exists.

          Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. You’ll have to make you’re own cheesecake. 🙂

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        • OMG!!! I just lost everything that I typed to you gurl…
          anyways I guess it’s not that important …
          I just want to know how that foot of yours is doing these days???… Man I have to make it myself …Well my better half he likes making cakes and things like that maybe if I ask him to pick up a box he will make it for me lolol I make meals he makes cakes and yummy things lol…
          ; )
          So how is life treating you miss???..any good news to share with me and make me smile???…

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        • I would think it would be hard to make but I sure will take your word for it lol..and I will tell him ..I can’t wait to try it…I love, love regular cheesecake ..I can eat it all in one sitting lol…
          Wow how beautiful that hummingbird is and all white …we had a few this year outside my window here next to my desk I love to watch them I so want to hold one…
          sorry that you have no good news gurl…no good news here either really to speak of…have to get more testing done so a lil or lot worried about what is going on but trying to hang in there the best I can…just thought everything would come out normal and things are not and they want further testing to rule out things…I will share more when I get time to write about it and share with you…
          Hugggs to you gurl

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  1. I’m so glad, despite the pain, you took joy in finding purple flowers. I’m so glad you’re not worried about the toilet. I’m so glad you have no plans to bath in your toilet. I’m so glad you stretch yourself, consistently, to find a glimmer of hope, a trace of a silver lining. Keep doing that. You are a joy ❤

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    • My toilet is getting disgusting. I think aliens may be living in there. If I don’t clean it soon, the toilet aliens will grow into monsters and attack me while I sleep. Good thing I suffer from insomnia or I’m sure there would be an alien growing inside me right now.

      What a wonderful comment to see first thing in the morning. Gracias, senorita. 🙂

      Oh no, I feel chest pains… I now refer you to the movie Alien. 🙂

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