We Are The Enemy

The internet says there is a mural in New Orleans, buried in the 8th Ward, that has a quote from an artist named Rajko Radovanovic:

“A precondition to doing violence to any group of people is to make them less than human.”

Doing violence to a group of people — like war — means that both sides believe they’re right. And with war, it doesn’t really matter which side is right. Lots of people are criminalized. Lots of people die. The end.

You might think that the drug war is about drugs. That drugs are the enemy. Our country has certainly spread that theory throughout the world. It’s a war without end because there will never be an end to drugs, legal or illegal.

Who is the real enemy in the drug war? Those who suffer from addiction:


And now, those who suffer from chronic pain. We are considered the enemy, at least to state and federal governments. Doctors and other drug dealers are also the enemy:


Federal funds will be used to form a Heroin Investigation Team consisting of Louisville police detectives and DEA agents that will investigate heroin overdoses as crime scenes. Investigators are planning to crack down on local drug dealers, larger suppliers and track doctors at the center of pill mills. Dealers whose drugs cause overdoses will now face a minimum 20-year prison sentence without parole, U.S. Attorney John Kuhn said…

It’s important to know your enemy. It’s also important to know if you’re considered an enemy. Look in the mirror. We are the enemy.

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