A solution in search of a problem


A requirement that edible marijuana products come with a diamond-shaped stamp and the letters T-H-C — not just on the packaging but on the brownies, candies and other edibles themselves — takes effect Saturday…

The stamping requirement comes in addition to exhaustive labeling and packaging rules that include childproof zippers and lids, along with warnings that the product should be kept away from children and not eaten before driving or while pregnant or nursing.

“We want to ensure that people genuinely know the difference between a Duncan Hines brownie and a marijuana brownie, just by looking at it,” said state Rep. Jonathan Singer, a Democrat who sponsored the law requiring stamped edibles…

Marijuana ingestions remained relatively rare, though, with the hospital reporting 81 children treated for accidental pot ingestion between 2009 and 2015…

My comment (awaiting moderation):

Since cosmetics, personal care products, and cleaning substances are the most common substances implicated in pediatric poison exposures, it’s now time for each of these products to be stamped with a similar label, along with every pill produced by Big Pharma. Because it’s been proven that kids always pay attention to labels.

The difference between a cannabis brownie and one from Duncan Hines? The cost. Anyone who buys an edible is very aware of how much it costs and will not pass it around like candy. If they can afford to do that, I’d like to be their friend.

Mr. Singer, how much of your political funding comes from the alcohol and prison industries or Big Pharma? Why would you sponsor and pass such a nonsensical regulation?


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