8 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Oh how beautiful those flowers are gurl!!!! 🙂
    Of course I am awake have been since 5:30am lol made coffeeee and enjoyed the silence lol…
    How are you doing today gurl???

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    • In Albuquerque, sunflowers grow wild. You can find them along the side of the road and in ditches. They’re so… sunny. 🙂

      I’ve been up for awhile. The changing of the seasons is hell on allergies and it’s hard to sleep when you can’t breathe. (Achoooooo!) I’m trying to rest my poor foot, but I’m so bored I could scream. So, I made fudge cookies for breakfast. I put some pumpkin spice oatmeal in them so they qualify as a breakfast food.

      What’s cookin’ in Texas?

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      • Oh I see them on the side of the road here too…I sometimes have my better half stop so I can get a few lol..one of my favorite flowers…They are so sunny!!!
        well when I first seen this post I was doing better than all hell broke loose and I got sick with something I think you or Kara gave it to me lol JK but today is a better day woohoo..and bless you hun…passes you a tissue 😉 lmao sounds yummy and yeah I would think since it has oatmeal in it yeah call it breakfast lol…
        I don’t remember how did you hurt that foot gurly gurl???
        well nothing is cooking now …we already had dinner and dishes and all that are done lol…well we have been having nice temps for sure..the doors are open and I am ready for this kind of year…I say that now lol…
        Oh I am going to try and get most if not all my test done 2morrow…nothing after midnight hmm yeah until I make coffeeee lol..then I say well maybe I can take those test the next day lol…But I know I really need to get it done and head over to the dr and have them fax over the release of my fucking records…I just relized that I won’t have enough to get me thru until my next appt with my internist the one that is going to help me…and I think he won’t be in the office or something …I have an appointment next Monday with him again to go over all the labs and mam and urine all the fun stuff…lol ..and a new treatment plan with the arthritis and lupus and……..blah blah….
        well cookie I need to check on dad again he got sick …he has stomach problems sometimes he throws up after dinner I think he just wants to keep loosing weight and make a big deal out of it lol jk…
        I may hang around here for a bit or hell watch tv or hell i just don’t know…
        Huggggs n love to ya cookie..

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